Thursday, November 24, 2011

Surviving Thanksgiving

What's your game plan?

I weighed in on Sunday, my goal is to be back at that weight by next Thursday.

Last year Thanksgiving was the beginning of the end for me.
I completed a half marathon, yaaay, but then spent Thanksgiving weekend in a house full of food.
After the 1/2 I didn't really do any exercise, I was exhausted, and just did not even try, it was like I thought I had a pass for the whole weekend...and that mentality lasted all the way through the new year, and the result was a gain of about 8 pounds in about 6 weeks! And it took a really long time to get it off...and that is what lead me to Amor Fitness and Nutrition and Bodybuilding, I just was not motivated on my own.

So this year I will do better!  I want to enter the New Year healthy, not trying to get healthy.
Step 1 - I met with my coach last Sunday. 
Why would someone get an assessment the week before Thanksgiving? Accountability, my coach knows where I am at, I know where I am at, and knowing I'll have to be back next week really makes you want to rethink that 3rd piece of pie.
Step 2 - 1 meal feast, not all day or all week.
My tendency is to start feasting on Thanksgiving, and continue the feast throughout the weekend.  Today the goal is to eat a light breakfast and lunch, try not to snack all day, and enjoy dinner.  Then through the weekend steer myself towards the protein and veggie leftovers in moderation for lunch and eat healthy the rest of the weekend.
Step 3 - Make it a week of workouts, not just 1 day.
All week I set my cardio and strength goals.  Lots of cardio.
I have 3 cardio workouts for today - to try and equal the time of a 1/2 marathon since I am not doing it this year.  I have workouts scheduled for Friday, Sat, and Sun.

Just completed 70 minutes of FlirtyGirl Fitness, 7:15 - 8:25 AM
now its time for a walk...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear Universe...

Dear Universe,

I get it! I need to stop eating the crap I have been eating! Now stop trying to kill me, Please.



Signs from the universe:

1 – I called the pizza place to order a grilled chicken salad, I promise that is what I called for, but was told no pizza or sandwiches due to oven failure. Cool, I’ll get a donut on my way to get my salad :-D

2 – I arrive at the donut shoppe craving something cream filled. Sorry ma’am our credit card machine is down and we can only take cash. I never carry cash, oh wait I did have cash, but I spent it on McDonalds this morning. I’ll hit up a different spot on my way home, you can’t stop me universe.

3 – Whoohoo. The hot and fresh sign is on! This is totally going to be worth it. “I would like 6 assorted donuts. 3 glazed, 2 cream filled, and 1 chocolate ( I am allergic to chocolate this is for my husband). I would like the chocolate iced in a separate bag please” “6 assorted donuts. 3 glazed, 2 cream filled, and 1 chocolate in a bag, No problem”. The window opens and I can smell the aroma of donuts wafting from the window, they are always best hot…wait where is my separate bag. Oh no the chocolate is touching my other donuts! She apologizes and make me a new box, yay! I beat you universe.

4 – Just finished my grilled chicken, gotta save room for my yummy crème filled donuts. I have been thinking about you all day. Hmm, that crème looks funny, kinda yellowish. “umm, is that lemon crème in my donut” husband “yup” SERIOUSLY ( I am also allergic to lemon). At this point I want to punch the universe and the donut lady in the face. No one should be this upset over a donut.

5 – Today, Pumpkin flavored coffee for breakfast, yum yum yummy. Nope, the coffee was burned. Sigh.

6 – I have pretty much given in to the course of the universe. For lunch I get beef stew, barely, and steamed vegetables. While I was out, our boss bought us all free pizza from my favorite pizza place.

Okay Universe, you win, I give up! It is time to get back on track.

Health and Happiness


Monday, November 7, 2011

26.2 Y'all !!!

We did it.  We survived.  1 more item off the fitness bucket list.

Details to follow!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Billy Blanks kickin it at GT

Tae Bo creater Billy Blanks spent over 4 hours at the Georgia Institute of Technology, leading workouts and inspiring GT faculty, staff, and students to get up and get moving.

In attendance were Billy Blanks, his wife, his daughter and over 100 members of the Georgia Tech community.  It was pretty cool to be taking part in a class I had watched on VHS with my mom back in the 90's.  Billy was very dynamic , it was an entertaining high energy class with some kickboxing combined with dance breaks, after the last class he stuck around for an extra 30 minutes taking pictures and answering questions from participants.

Billy was also promoting his new fitness program Billy Blanks 24/7 Ultimate Tae Bo, and he gave away multiple kits to a few lucky participants that could correctly answer a variety of Billy Blanks Trivia.

Yet another internship bonus.

Health and Happiness


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fun at FitFest!!!

Atlanta Fit Fest

Atlanta Fit Fest was exhausting...but soooo much fun.

FlirtyGirlFitness with Jenn Hall, Ultimate Flirty Girl
Started the day meeting up with Jenn Hall, Ultimate Flirty Girl, and other FlirtyGirlFitness ladies.  It was sooooo much fun.  We did a variety of NEW FlirtyGirl Foundation Moves, which was great for me, I was able to be challenged and pick up some new choreography.  She also introduced a new style of teaching the class that I am so excited to try out, FlirtyGirl Freestyle.  This format allows the instructor to be much more creative and break out of your usual routine.  Very excited to try this out!!!  I was sweaty, and smiling, you forget how much fun it is to participate in a group fitness class when you are spending so much time teaching. In 30 minutes my girlfriend burned over 500 calories!

Tone & Dance with Tim Roberts of Bally in Stone Mountain
We took a little snack break and explored the fest before we met up with Tim Roberts for Tone & Dance.  You ever walk into a class a little cocky, I am in great shape, I run all the time, and then have yourself humbled. Yeaaaah Tim humbled me, it was not what I was expecting.  I think he can see it in your eyes that you think you are tougher then his class, he definitely came to me and my girlfriend and quickly dominated us.  By the end of class I was dripping sweat, my quads and glutes were on fire! It was a great workout, another 30 minutes, girlfriend burned about 500 calories.

At this point we had gone throw about an hour of cardio and toning. Time for another snack break! 
We met with the vendors of a natural products line, they were extremely friendly, and I will get there name and info and post here.  There lime body oil smelled amazing!

Diezel Bounce with Delida
Time for Diezel Bounce with Delida.  Diezel Bounce is Delida's creation, a trampoline based workout.  I was just excited to get on the rebounder.  My mom used to purchase just about every piece of fitness equipment that would come out and video...hmm maybe that is how I wound up in this thing she still owns is the lil mini trampoline.  Also, more intense than I had expected.  My calves and quads were buuuuurning.  It was a great cardio workout and an amazing toning workout for your lower body and a great core and stability challenge.  I thought I was going to tip over several times, but I did not!  Another 500 calories by my girlfriend...her goal is 2000.

At this point we were both exhausted.  Several times I glance over at my girl and I thought she might fall out.  But, we still reeeeally wanted to do Zumba.

Zumba with Sue of Zumba Atlanta
Zumba time!!! last session.   Zumba with Sue, Sue looked very familiar, I think I have run into her at another convention before.  She was great. I never thought about it before, but now I understand whay Zumba instructors are so dynamic if they are great instructors.  Your emotion has to come through your movements and your face, since there are very few verbal commands given.  It was lots of fun too! Got another great cardio workout.  Shook, shimmied, and swayed our way into over 2000 calories.

Final count. 2 hours of fitness classes. Over 2000 calories burned!

Overall a great way to get a workout at a super cheap price ;-)
It was basically buy 1 class, get as many as you can fit in for free!

Health and Happiness,


Friday, October 14, 2011

Atlanta Fit Fest Tomorrow!!!

Early this week I was invited to participate in a FlirtyGirlFitness Demo at Atlanta Fit Fest!

What: FlirtyGirlFitness Demo
When: October 15, 2011, 10:30 AM
Where: Georgia International Convention Center

This should be soooo much fun, just put together my outfit for tomorrow.

Also, if you want to join in the rest of the fun...
What: Atlanta Fit Fest
When: October 15, 2011, 9:00AM - 7:00PM
Where: Georgia International Convention Center

Health screenings, fitness demos, 30 minute workouts, fitnesss competition, and Dr.Oz.

Health and Happiness,


Anniversary! GRAVITY and Client I

So I was going through some old files the other day and realize that I just had a couple of anniversaries!

GRAVITYGroup Certified - 4 years! 8/18/2007
1st Personal Training Client Session at Georgia Tech - 2 years! 9/2009

Sometimes I forget how much time has gone by since that 1st class or that 1st client. 

I can still remember my very 1st GTS class. I was sooo nervous, but it was a brand new class and brand new equipment, so I really couldn't mess up that badly ;-)  I had my pre-planned workout and my GRAVITYClubhouse DVD and my fresh new GRAVITY tank top, nervous and excited, it was a packed class, we had to turn people away! After that I was hooked.  Haha, I remember having that darn machine tower flip back when I was attempting to either fold or unfold it, I mean these things are huuuge, it didn't hurt me but it scared the focus into me...I never made that mistake again!

The other day I got to sub a GRAVITY class for the 1st time in a few semesters.  It was so much fun!  I love watching the participants face when I put them into their 3 prong triceps/bicep supersets, 2 sets of triceps pull backs/dbl biceps curls, 2 sets of triceps kickbacks/hammer curls, 2 sets triceps press downs/static bicep curls it is beautiful ;-)

I actually just ran into that 1st client at GT the other day at the gym at 6:30AM.  I did not realize she never knew she was my 1st client at the facility, I had done some private contractor sessions but none at GT, and well you don't want your client to doubt your ability because you're new at the site.  We had already met once to discuss goals and do a fitness assessment and I remember being so excited.  I had constructed this well designed program of about 8 different exercises and it adhered to all the ACE guidelines, I just thought I was sooo amazing...yeah, we only got through about 4 of those! It was definitely a learning can not always get to the equipment you want and it takes time to teach, demonstrate, and guide an exercise.  Now I factor all that in.

She took sometime off to focus on her home and family and is back in the gym now getting back into her routine.  I am hoping to get in a couple of maintenance sessions with her in the near future.

It has been a great ride, and it keeps getting better!

Health and Happiness


Friday, September 23, 2011

Marathon Training: Week 24

It is hard to believe we have been training for the past 23 weeks! We are almost there!

We have been loosely following Jeff Galloway’s Marathon Training Program. It is a 32 week program, that gradually builds your distance each week and encourages a run/walk pacing system.

I have to admit at the start of the program I was determined to run this entire race. But I think it was about week 17 when we attempted our 1st 17 mile run that me and my running partners realized, we just want to finish this thing in one piece, that I finally gave in to Mr. Galloway’s way of thinking. My husband nearly passed out from exhaustion and my whole body ached for days.

We have finally found a pace that seems to work for us. At a 2:1 run walk we can average about an 11 minute mile. The 1st 10 miles at this stop and go pace are extremely challenging, but when we hit our turn around point at about mile 12 or so, that is when we can truly appreciate.

Nancy Clark's Food Guide For Marathoners is a great resource for tips on pre-run fueling, race day meal testing, recovery meals, and pretty much anything you want to know about food and exercise.  She also has a delicious sport drink recipe, I like the idea of making my own sports drink, especially since gatorade pretty much started as a salt, sugar, water recovery  beverage.  It really allows you to get creative, and tailor fit a concentration that works best for you.

I have also found that if I start carb-loading the Thursday before my long runs that I have a lot more energy, before, during, and after the run.  For my pre-race snack I have always liked half a bagel with PB and strawberry jam or honey, or crackers if I am nervous.  My run snacks include PB pretzels and my sport drink mix.  I learned trying to eat a protein bar while running does not work for me, but post race it is awesome.  And I learned I prefer skittles to sports beans during a run. Post race I prefer a High Carb Protein Bar, a good mix of Carb and Protein, and they taste amaaaaazing after a run.  It is always fun trying different food combos to figure out what your stomach can tolerate and what taste the best.

This week is just 7 miles, I’ll probably crank it out on the treadmill at our gym. I definitely prefer outdoor running, but that is not super safe early morning, Safety 1st!

Health and Happiness


I love that new program smell

Picked up 2 new clients this week!

Looking forward to designing some new programs and getting to know some new people.
New clients always help to stimulate my brain, I get more creative with my regulars when I take on a new client. 

You just have to be so atuned to a new client, watching their posture, watching their facial expressions for emotional cues about their workouts and progress.  You have to be so careful with the new client because you know that one bad experience and you could lose them, but a great experience will keep them coming back and help to earn their trust.  In the client trainer realtionship I feel that building that trust is imperative to continued success.

Other fun stuff!
BOSU Home Balance Trainer
(Photo from  9/23/11)
I will be teaching the BOSU/Stability Ball Clinic next week at the Recreation Center so I'll be brushing up on those skills this weekend.  I will be teaching patrons the benefits of instability training and compare and contrast the exercises you can do on both pieces of equipment to what they may already be doing on their own.

We also got a set of Training Ropes at the CRC.  I am always up for learning something new, so I plan to pick up a DVD on their use and benefits this weekend.  Hopefully I can start playing with them next week and help teach a clinic later in the semester. 

Anyone have any great resources on rope training I should check out?

Looking forward to all the newness!

Health and Happiness


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do you Tae Bo® ?

It is official!

(photo from )

Billy Blanks is coming to our Campus Recreation Center at Georgia Institute of Technology

As part of the 11th Annual Billy Blanks® Tae Bo® Fitness Challenge Participants have a once in a lifetime opportunity to work out with Tae Bo® Creator Billy Blanks!!

There will be 2 session, 1 at 3:15 - 4:00pm and the 2nd at 4:15 - 5:00pm it will be held on the 4th floor of our facility. Best part, it is a FREE event for GT Students, Faculty and Staff but participants must register via facebook.

You do not want to miss this amazing opportunity to work out with the Tae Bo master & creator Billy Blanks!

Currently only open to GT students, faculty, and staff.

When and if they open up registration to Alumni and the General Public I will update this post.

Health and Happiness


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NEW PROGRAM!!! Express Fit Pass

30 minutes to a Healthier You!

ExpressFitPASS is a new program at my Campus Recreation Center to promote faculty/staff wellness.
This is also serving as a huge portion of my internship for the semester.

ExpressFitPASS is two 30 minute circuit-training sessions with a certified personal trainer who is also an employee at our institute.  The class is offered 5 days a week as a drop in course for a nominal fee in addition to your gym membership - which also allows you access to the track, strength training equipment, and cardio stations.

The first week was completely free! And our numbers were incredible 20 to 30 people per session all week.
I was pleasantly surprised.  Apparently this was exactly what our faculty and staff had been looking for.  Something short, sweet, and effective...but let's not forget affordable.  I even saw several faces from my home office.

We actually have pretty good numbers for a pilot program.  We have about 20 members registered, which makes for a class size of about 5 to 10 per session, very manageable.  We have all fitness levels, which makes for an excellent challenge for me the instructor making sure that everyone is getting a safe effective workout. 

I have gotten some great feedback, even from people who decided not to purchase the pass.  A lady with chronic knee trouble told me she got several exercises she could add to her regimen that she felt were safe for her but challenged her.  Another woman told me the class showed her how to correctly use the equipment she already had at home, but had not put to use in "a while". 

So far the major barriers seem to be the price, parking, and just not having the flexibility to make it at lunch time.  So, maybe we'll try a night session, or some sort of early sign up discount.  They have already worked out a fix for the parking issue that will take place next month!

I am enjoying exposing a new group of clients to novel exercise concepts and empowering them achieve a new level of fitness.

Health and Happiness

- L -

Sunday, July 24, 2011

SNBF July 16th FINALE!

5:30AM - Wake up and pack my show bag, breakfast with coach and Team AMOR .  Quick poses in the mirror, my arms look really tiny.
We had to eat sooo much food. It was kinda overwhelming, but i got it all in and held it down.
7:30AM - Meet at Brenau University for pre-show breifing. 
Not really nervous yet, just anxious to get on stage.  Backstage I run into Catrice of Catrice Catsuits and show off my new body in her suit.  The ladies arent talking a whole lot backstage, except with their teammates, I think its just nerves.  Me and my teammates talk a bit, we are soooooo thirsty, they are competing in novice Figure Tall and Novice Figure Short.  I will be going on  2nd to last for pre-show.  I am dressed tanned and ready to do this!

9:00AM - Show is starting. Backstage scarfing down some snack foods and doing a few strength moves while I wait for my coach to take me through my circuits.
My mind is swirling what is my best side chest? what is my best triceps side? Are my quads popping enough? where are my abdominals I know i have them? have my arms pumped up enough? they were sooo big a week ago!

Number 2 to the stage!
Not nervous. Still just anxious and excited.  Just got touched up, oiled up, and pumped up, nothing else I can do now but show it off!
Phew! That was absolutely exhilirating.  The lights were soooo bright.  I could kind of see the audience but mostly can see the face of the judges.  I was smiling so big I could feel my face twitching!  I couldn't help it, it was just sooo exciting.  Then I got to meet with the professional photographer for individual photos I hope these came out really good.

11:00AM - 4:00 PM
Back to the Hilton.
Not much going on during this time. My family goes to grab lunch and fiance goes to run some errands.  I get left in the hotel by myself to eat my preshow meal and snacks.  Tried to nap but my head is just swirling and I am soooo thirsty, I only get about 30minutes of sleep, the rest of the time is spent just relaxing trying to calm my mind.  I go through my routine about 10 times just to get it cemented in my head.

4:30 PM
Check-In for evening show at Brenau University.  This is the big show, we find out who won what and I get to go through my routine in the evening show.  I will be the 2nd person to go on stage. 
It all just seemed to go by sooo fast...but...I did it...I competed in my 1st Bodybuilding competition, and I won, 1st place! 

I meet 8 time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney, he stops by to tell me I did a really good job on stage.  Highlight of the evening!

Part 2 of Show:
I get to enjoy lovely wonderful waterrrrrrrr. The figure girls step up on stage. They look soooo good up there!  They both make top 5, names are called for 5th, 4th, 3rd, and thier names have not been called. Holy crap! Both ladies WIN 1st place in their division! They then battle it out for the overall winner
I went backstage so that we could all celebrate!
Then I start seeing the stage director waving me over...apparently they called my name for another award.
SNBF Best Female Poser!!! All those posing classes with SNBF and Amor Fitness & Nutrition paid off!

Post Show
1st post show meal, 2slices of mellow mushroom pizza. 1 slice grilled chicken and 1 slice spinach, and a glass of wine.  OMG it tasted soooooooo good.

Food then sleep and a lot more water. 
I am exhausted by nights end but what an amaaaazing weekend.
All the dieting, all the hours in the gym, it was all completely worth it!
I will definately do it again.  Back in April! I do have a marathon to get through in November ;-)

Thank You!
Thanks to everyone who supported me through this processs:
Trainer-Brad Lokey, Posing & Nutrition-Amor Fitness and Nutrition:Adele & Travis, My Fiance, Tashawn & Jovi for showing up at the show and cheering for me, I definately heard them up in the stands, My Mom and Sister for being there for the AM and PM shows and keeping me company durin the day ,  and everyone else for putting up with my mood swings, dietary restrictions, and time restraints.

All your love and support was very much appreciated!

Health and Happiness

Friday, July 15, 2011

Almost Show Time!!!

Less than 12 hours til show time.

Spray tan has dried...last of the supplements have been last meal for the evening...then some much needed rest before an early 6AM start.

Breakfast at 6...Check in at 8... Showtime 9AM!

Here we go!

Health and Happiness


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Flashback to Saturday July 9th

1: the number of pounds away from my weightloss goal for the competition.

2.75 : the number of pull ups I accomplished, unassisted! Never in my life have I even done 1 and it has been my goal for the past year.  Next goal, 5!

6: the number of days left to competition day.  Already planning to compete again ... maybe in April.

12: the number of miles we (me, fiance, and fellow fitness blogger Tashawn) ran on the silver comet trail.  We are at about the halfway point for our marathon training.  Due date November 5th!

Keep pushing, hope you are on track to meet your goals as well,

Health and Happiness,


Monday, July 4, 2011

2 weeks til competition...and the Peachtree RoadRace

These past 4 weeks have been brutal.
But, I have been sticking to my nutrition and fitness plan and I have lost a total of 20lbs since February as of Saturday.  I was even able to stick to my cardio last week while enjoying my bachelorette weekend in Vegas.  As my maid of honor said, if i can stay on track in Vegas I can stay on track anywhere.

Each week the nutrition gets more restrictive but I can definitely see the difference, especially in my abs.
I am seeing more and more definition each week and I am looking forward to seeing how defined I can get before the show.

I have selected my music and have put together my posing routine.  I meet with my posing coach and nutrition consultant Adele one last time this week.

My workout schedule is all messed up this week. Migraine on Sunday so I could not get through my upper body workout and today the gym was closed for the 4th. So I am 2 days behind in workouts and I feel pudgy.

I did get in 6 miles plus the 20minute walk to the MARTA station post race. 
I put in a personal best of 56:18 for the Peachtree!  I finally achieved my goal of under 60 minutes, actually shaving off about 5 minutes from my time last year.  I was the strongest, fastest, and lightest I have ever been and it felt amazing!  I attribute my success to the daily hill climbing and the intense lower body training I have committed my self to in preparation for the upcoming fitness competition.

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!!!

Health and Happiness,


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Biggest Loser Finale!

The twins, OMG they looked so different!  I did not recognize them!

Wow! all the ladies are looking so incredible.

I barely recognized Dustin or Sarah!

Where is Roulon?

Very disappointed in their chocie of celebrity trainer for next season.

Hannah and Olivia look amazing!

Yaaaaaay Olivia!

I know this season of contestants inspired a whole new group of people!
I am always inspired by their committment and hard work.  Every week they prove to the masses that you can be the all happens 1 pound at a time...their are no quick fixes.  If they can do it...YOU CAN DO IT!!!


Health and Happiness,


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer Season Renewals

Time to get the clients geared up for the summer.

After a packed schedule of clients, fitness classes, late nights at work, and prepping for the ACSM certification.  I am trying to lighten my load and improve the quality of my training sessions over the summer, I have narrowed it down to 3 clients, training 5 days a week, accommodating at least 2 sessions a week per client.  Some of them may be doubling up after their individual sessions are complete

We just wrapped up The CRC's Biggest Loser at the end of April.
My team and I were not able to secure a back to back victory, but we did come in a close second in all categories.  Everyone on my team was able to lose weight. We had a total weightloss of over 50 pounds.  2 of my team members lost nearly 20 lbs in 12 weeks, the other 2 loss just under 10.  I feel they all have the tools they need to maintain the weightloss and a healthy lifestyle.

Tuesday Session
1st of the summer session renewals. This client has been working with me for over a year and has loss over 20 pounds and is preparing to run her first 5K.  Tuesday we worked on her speed training we did some 1:2 intervals on the treadmill for about 11 minutes and then took the training outside and ran some hills at a 1:3 interval. We had a great time and a super hard workout.  Basically 20 minutes of vigorous cardio and some strength training to prevent injury to the knees, hamstrings, and calves.  We are modifying the Jeff Galloway 5K program to fit her current training schedule and I got the speed training ideas from my run training with The Atlanta Track Club and the run training article.  Thursday we meet again for a pace run!
How do you prepare for a 5K?
How do you speed train?
Wednesday Session
Today I had my 1st full session with my newest Biggest Loser alumna.  She is up for trying a few different methods.  Her main goal is weightloss.  We are still experimenting to see what works best for her.  Today she requested a Cardio Boxing based workout.  I was extremely excited to design todays workout.  I think it went really well for her first exposure to my style of kickboxing.  Our circuits include punches, cable and pulley strength exercise, and some sprint work.  The goal was to just keep her body moving, keep her heart rate up, and keep her entertained.  By the time she finished her last sprint she was definitely winded, let me know she was definitely working hard by the end of the workout.  Next week we'll try a racket sport!

Finally getting in a rest day from all the training today.  I was a little disappointed about taking an unscheduled rest day.  But I have to admit, my body needed it.  I aggravated my shoulder during last nights workout and got a chance to ice and rest it.  Back on the grind tomorrow tho.

Health and Happiness


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Run Around the Rock

Got in a 5 mile run yesterday with the Finacee.

The route around stone mountain was perfect.  Picturesque, breezey, and hilly.
But wooow did my hamstrings feel that.

Averaged about 11 minute miles, a decent pace for a marathon and considering how much weight training my legs have been taking.  I want to get down to 10:30 for the Marathon and 9:30 for the Peachtree Road Race.

Ran the PiMile 5K mid April with a finish time of 28:45.

The Body Building is coming along slowly but surely, I have a trainer now, a nutrition plan, a suit,  my body fat results, and a little less than 11 weeks to get my body ready.

Let's get ready to rumble!

Health and Happiness

- L-

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last Flrity Girl Fitness Class of the Semester

Awwww I can't believe this semester is over already.

I had a great time teaching Booty Beat.  I forgot how much I love to dance.

Thanks to the girls from the Clayton State Cross Country Team for coming out and making tonights class FABULOUS.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

We can add a nother certification to the lineup!

Saturday, April 23rd, I earned my certification as an ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist!

So today I had my 1st ever hydrostatic body fat test.

It was very exciting.  Hydrostatic testing is referred to as the gold standard in body fat testing.  Your body is submerged in water and you exhale as much air as possible.  

My Current Numbers:
% Body Fat = 21.8
Lean Body Weight = 109.3 lbs
Fat Weight = 30.5 lbs

The technichian actually does testing for a lot of athletes including at least 8 competitors in the April 9th SNBF show.

Goal Numbers:
% Body Fat = 15
Body Weight = 128.6
- 11.2 lbs fat

That gives me about 10 weeks for 11 pounds.
Definately an attainable goal.

If you are interested in getting the best estimate of your bodyfat and you don't mind investing a little money, the mobile testing unit could be at a fitness center near you.  Find out where you can get your bodyfat tested by visiting

See you in the gym!

Health and Happiness


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NEW Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2011

So do you ever wonder how many calories you need for your height, age, weight, and activity level?

Or maybe you know how many calories but not how many servings of whole grain, dairy, protein, fruits, and vegetables?

Did you know that the dietary guidelines are updated every 5 years?
Oh yeah, just like the fitness industry the nutrition industry is always changing too.

So what do the new guidelines emphasize?
1. Balance your calories
- enjoy your food, but eat less
- avoid over sized portions
2. Foods to increase
- make half your plate fruits and vegetables
- switch to fat-free or low fat milk (1%)
3. Foods to reduce
- compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals - choose the foods with the lower numbers
- drink water instead of sugary drinks

For information on the new guidelines and research, and to asses your own nutrition visit :
- for a quick summary: Executive Summary
- for an in-depth look: Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010
- anatomy of the food pyramid

Remember the best combo for weight loss and maintenance is a nutrient rich meal plan and daily exercise!

Health and Happiness


2011 ACE Kick Start Workout Phase I,II,III


So I got the info out to you back in January about ACE's 12 week kick start fitness program.

Now that you are in month 3, or maybe just starting a fitness program, here are all 3 phases:

Phase I:
Phase II:
Phase III:

I have personally used all of these exercises at some point in my training.
Follow the progressions and use the videos for guidance.

Hope you find this helpful,

Health and Happiness


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CRC Biggest Loser Treadmill Workout

Oh yeeeah, I was in my groove this morning.

We started off with 30 minutes on the treadmill:
5 minute warm up -  Intensity Low-Moderate: 25% -59% HRR
5 minute SPRINTS - Moderate:Vigorous, Moderate: Very Hard, 30:30
5 minute HILLS - Vigorous:Very Hard, 60%: 84% HRR
5 minute STEADY - Moderate: 40-50% HRR
5 minute HILL- Vigorous:Very Hard, 60%: 84% HRR
5 minute STEADY - COOL DOWN , 40 - 59% HRR

Now for the fun part, I know my clients loved me for this one, but it worked out great for a small group workout, everyone could work at their own pace, and it worked their entire body, core, upper body, lower body.
1 - Inchworms across the floor, at the center burpees until teammates make it to the center.
2 - Lateral Plank walk across the floor, at end bicycle abs until teammates reach the end
3 - Lateral Plank walk across the floor, at the center hold the plank until the teammates reach you
NOW collapse grab water and we'll stretch.

It was great, it was the 1st time I felt like the whooole team had gotten pushed to their current limits.  But, they never quit.  They grimmaced, grunted, glared, and cursed.  But, they all gave it their full effort.  And as a trainer what more can you ask of your team.


Health and Happiness


Monday, February 21, 2011

7 Weeks Until SNBF April Show

Friday - Met with Adele of Armor Fitness & Nutrition LLC to get my 6 week meal plan.

Saturday - Met with Catrice of Catsuit Designs to pick up my bodybuilding competition suit.  Consulted with her and we decided the May or July dates would be more realistic.

Sunday - Strained a muscle in my lower back while performing a good morning lift. 

Monday - Day 1 of new nutrition plan.  Icing and stretching back.

So, the goal is to lean down as much as possible between now and the end of March.
If I am lean enuff to fit into my suit I may do a trial run on stage in April, we shall see :-)

Either way, super excited to be meeting all these great people :-D and trying something new!

Health and Happiness

- L -

Thursday, February 3, 2011

SNBF Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, and Bikini Workshop 2011

WOW! What an amazing weekend.  What an amazing group of people!

retrieved from
 I and my running buddy spent 8 hours last saturday in Suwanee, Georgia  learning what it takes to compete in a bodybuilding and fitness competition. 

I walked in to a room full of men and women wanting to naturally shape their bodsy and mind to compete, it was very inspiring. The 1st thing we did was introduce ourselves to the group.  "Hello, my name is Larissa, from Atlanta, I am a trainer and fitness instructor at Georgia Tech, I saw the show last year, I was really impressed with the competitiors, and would love to try and compete this year...".  There were mothers, fathers, grandparents, athletes, non-athletes, trainers, teachers, students, and cancer survivors amongst the participants.  All their with the same goal in mind, to push themselves to a new level of fitness and challenge themselves by trying something new.

I learned about spray tan. Yes, the recommend that even the caramel sisters get a spray tan.  It evens out the skin tone and gives the body a nice glow.  Who knew! Not me, but I saw the photos and it is amazing what a tanner can do even on a darker skin tone.  We even got a live demo of how the process works, as a black female this is something I never thought I would be doing or need to know about.  I learn something new everyday!

Next they split us into 2 groups, Bodybuilding or Fitness,Figure,Bikini, and Fitness.  I was on the fence - do I go the figure route with the heels and the routine and the costume changes or the less frill more rigorous bodybuilding?  I spoke with our host Carol a figure and bodybuilding competitior as well as another dual competitir at the event.  They bothe listed the differences and why they chose to compete in either, main difference in my mind is performing in figure versus muscular definition in body building, and it just seemed like bodybuilding would be the most natural fit for me, and then I can always try figure when I feel more comfortable on stage and in heels ;-).

There were about 4 females in the bodybuilding group amongst the group of men.  But, I felt like we were all old friends.  It was definately the right choice for me.  Our host Bruce, Carl, Herb, and Steve were just amazing - I actually remembered Steve from the November show once he started the posing section and his tan settled in.  The hosts skills included bodybuilding competitors, personal trainers, nutrition coaches,  posing coaches, and judges.  They had such a diverse wealth of knowledge, and to be able to have the opportunity to ask them all our questions and get there tips was truly invaluable and an honor.  They just made me feel soooo comfortable, and I guess I was not expecting that, I don't know what I was expecting, but they definately exceded my expectations. 

I got to talk 1-on-1 with Carol a female body builder and competitor out of Alabama and she was so inspiring.  You could hear her passion for the sport in the way she talked to me about her training and her experiences in competition.  It was definately contagious.  All of them and their enthusiasm for what they do showed through in how they coached us through the day.

After lunch came the real excitement. POSING PRACTICE!!! We got to learn from the pros the standard poses for a competition and how to execute them..If you have ever been to a show, they make it look easy, but it is soooo physically taxing for a newbie.  Your whole body is held in an isometric contraction for each pose.  But, practice makes perfect, and we got in a lot of practice.  Then we took it to the stage under the bright lights, and that is a whoooole other game.  Hot lights, strong contractions, and do not forget to SMILE. Hehe, I was loving it.  It hurt, and it was hard, but I loved it.  It made me feel strong and confident, and that feeling is empowering and addictive.  Who would not want to feel that way?

I learned soooooooo much from this workshop and the people.  But, beyond what I learned was the feeling that I got from the other competitiors, coaches, and SNBF founders.  I think for anyone looking to step into the world of competitive natural fitness, this workshop is a good 1st step.  They provide you lots of resources and support. 

I am looking forward to entering my first competition this year!  Either April 9th or July 16th.  Be on the lookout for more updates !  For other show dates with SNBF checkout their website at

Health and Happiness,


Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 days til...Flirty Girl Fitness!

The FlirtyGirl take over will begin in ...

Location: Clayton State University
Program: FlirtyGirl Fitness - Booty Beat
Premiere Date: 1/20/2011
Premiere Time: 6:35 PM
Countdown: Delayed

Location: Georgia Institute of Technology
Program: FlirtyGirlFitness - Booty Beat
Premiere Date: 1/18/2011
Premiere Time: 6:45 PM
Countdown: 5 days

To get you ready for the FLIRTYGirl invasion at your gym I will be posting little sneak peaks of the FLIRTYGirl Fitness:Booty Beat program throughout the week.

What is All About Abs?

All About Abs includes dances that incorporate movements focused on using the entire abdominal area. In this dance you will work you low back, you internal and external oblique, and the transverse abdominals.

One of my favorite Vol.1 moves is the Cork n’ Crunch, it works the muscles of the internal and external oblique, to work these muscles you have to crunch and twist the abdominals. For this move you need to tap into your Friday night club dancer. Hands at the head tussled up in your hair, bend at the hips, left, right, left, right, now that you’re in a low squatted position, squeeeeeeze the glutes and twist your hips up to a standing position.

I will be teaching at Georgia Tech and Clayton State, but you may have the opportunity to get Flirtified at a studio near you. For instructor info and other locations check out the website at .

Get FIT - Have FUN - Feel FABULOUS!

Next Time... Legs & Booty...

Health and Happiness


Snow Days = In Home Workouts

Wow, So Georgia was hit with the most snow it has seen in a decade.  Real, stick to the earth, cause roads to shut down, shut down the state for 3 days snow!
(retrieved on the date of 1/13/11 from )

So what does one do with all that free time - 3 a day workouts of course!
 My 3 best friends this week have been Kettle bell, EA Active 2 for the PS3, and FlirtyGirl Fitness DVDs.

FlirtyGirl Fitness
I have been loving my FlirtyGirl Fitness workouts, each day a new DVD.  Mastering the moves and getting my flirt on.  I can burn from 500 to 700 calories per 60 minute workout.  I was so impressed with how sweaty I got from just dancing, but of course I don't just dance it, I work it, giving every move all I have.  So sweaty and hello hamstrings and low back, all that ab rolling and dropping low really hit those neglected area. It was really nice to be doing a workout I could have fun with, and fun checking myself out in the mirror while I do it ;-)

EA Active 2 for the PS3
So this was one of my Christmas gifts, and I have been having sooo much fun with it.  This week I worked on the 21 day Cardio Kick Start program, it includes, mountain biking, sprints, basketball defensive drills, soccer drills, cardio boxing, cardio intervals, and full body strengthening.  The medium workouts only last about 20 minutes and burn between 100 and 200 calories.  Yesterday I tried out the Core and Crunch 30 minute Cardio/Core routine, it was intense and I burned just over 200 calories.

Kettle Bell
I am staying on track with the 4 day program from "Enter the Kettle bell" - T. Pavel.  I have gotten up to 30 consecutive swings with a 25lb bell before I take my recovery.  I have progressed to a full get up, I dropped the weight down to a 15 bell.  My back and hamstrings have adpated well, I have had minimal soreness compared to week 1.

The hardest part of the snow days has been not over eating.  We should not have bought all this snack food.  Chips and cupcakes are calling my name, ick.  If it is not in the house I do not eat it.  But, suddenly the threat of snow and you grab non-perishable tasties.  I have managed to keep the weight loss going even with the temptations around.  If I can just avoid diet sabotage I can make it through my 4th snow day at home.

Time to get in my daily of Flirty Girl, then a little EA, and some Get Ups....oh fitness you keep me sane.
Bad weather is no excuse to not get in your workouts, you just have to get creative.

Health and Happines


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flirty Girl...6 days to go!!!

The FlirtyGirl take over will begin in ...

Location: Clayton State University
Program: FlirtyGirl Fitness - Booty Beat
Premiere Date: 1/20/2011
Premiere Time: 6:35 PM
Countdown: Delayed

Location: Georgia Institute of Technology
Program: FlirtyGirlFitness - Booty Beat
Premiere Date: 1/18/2011
Premiere Time: 6:45 PM
Countdown: 6 days

To get you ready for the FLIRTYGirl invasion at your gym I will be posting little sneak peaks of the FLIRTYGirl Fitness:Booty Beat program throughout the week.

What is Ultimate Upper Body?
The Ultimate Upper Body includes dances that incorporate movements focused on using the upper body.  One of my favorite Upper Body moves is the Britney, it works the muscles of the upperback, the lateral, posterior, and anterior delts, as well as heightens the heart rate.  The move includes a hug across the chest, opening the arms, arms shoot up, arms press down, and feet hop side to side.  Tap into your inner pop diva for this move.  It is a fun sexy move and a great way to kick off the BootyBeat program. 

I will be teaching at Georgia Tech and Clayton State, but you may have the opportunity to get Flirtified at a studio near you. For instructor info and other locations check out the website at .

Get FIT - Have FUN - Feel FABULOUS!

Next Time... All About Abs...

Health and Happiness


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FREE 12-Week Workout Program from ACE

2011 Kick Start Workout Guide

(photo retrieved from, from ACE article Kick Your Way to Fitness)

So it is the NEW YEAR, which for most people means – RESOLUTIONS! If one of your resolutions was to lose weight, gain muscle definition, or improve your health the fitness professionals at the American Council on Exercise have designed a FREE 12-Week Program for YOU. The best part, yeah I already covered that it was free, so the 2nd best part, the exercises come from the ACE Fitness Library so they come with pictures and videos of all the moves. I know how frustrating it is to see a still photo or anatomical description of an exercise and have noooo idea how to execute it properly. So these videos are definitely a bonus for the beginner exerciser or for any exercises that are new to you.
Below is the contents of the Health e Tips newsletter I received.

“Ready to get fit for the New Year? Looking for a workout program that's safe, effective, reliable - and one that you will stick to? This easy-to-follow 12-week fitness program developed by the experts at the American Council on Exercise (ACE) is designed for the beginner in mind, but can even be used by the more-advanced fitness enthusiast to supplement any exercise program.

Designed to be done anytime, anywhere with no equipment necessary, the first 4 weeks of the program will help you develop a stable core along with strength and mobility in the hips using a 30-minute workout and 15-minute walking program. Throughout the program you'll build total body strength, enhance cardiovascular endurance, gain muscular definition, lose weight, improve health and increase energy. What better way to start the New Year!” – ACE, Health e Tips Newsletter, 12/29/10

So does this sound like a program that could be right for you? Well the 1st for weeks are posted now! The next workout won’t be posted for another 4 weeks in February. Are you ready to make a change? Yeah you are!

Click to Join the workout!

Countdown to FlirtyGirl Fitness!!!

The FlirtyGirl take over will begin in ...

Location: Clayton State University
Program: FlirtyGirl Fitness - Booty Beat
Premiere Date: 1/13/2011
Premiere Time: 6:35 PM
Countdown: 8 days

Location: Georgia Institute of Technology
Program: FlirtyGirlFitness - Booty Beat
Premiere Date: 1/18/2011
Premiere Time: 6:45 PM
Countdown: 13 days

To get you ready for the FLIRTYGirl invasion at your gym I will be posting little sneak peaks of the FLIRTYGirl Fitness:Booty Beat program throughout the week.

What is Booty Beat?
Booty Beat is a cardio intense dance based class that works the entire body.  The routine is broken down into 4 different themes: Ultimate Upper Body, All About Abs, Legs & Booty, and Kick-Ass Cardio.  Each theme is considered a dance and includes 4 different foundations moves.  The foundation moves are learned in short easy to learn 32 count combinations.  The dances are layered to form a circuit that get the heart pumping and strengthens the entire body.  Circuit 1 you learn the moves and Circuit 2 you work it, full speed, adding your own attitude and flair.  Classes last about 51 minutes, expect to work up a sweat, and feel confident and flirty in the process!

I will be teaching at Georgia Tech and Clayton State, but you may have the opportunity to get Flirtified at a studio near you.  For instructor info and other locations check out the website at .

Next Time... Ultimate Upper Body ...

Health and Happiness


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Heart You Pavel

Enter the Kettle Bell

So I got it in my competitive lil brain of mine that this year I would enter my 1st bodybuilding competition, well I thought I had until February, but the workshop is in 4 weeks, January 29th, and I am not in any shape to be in a 2-piece let alone a 1-piece bathing suit for preliminary judging, nuh uh.  So I need something intense to kick my body into high gear with little time commitment.

So - enter the Kettle Bell - you lovely piece of iron that peaks my heart rate and attacks my back, legs, shoulders and abs.  Could you be my solution.  According to Pavel and recent ACE research on the caloric benefit of kettle bell training, you could be my secret weapon.  I was already planning to do this workout, but now I have an added incentive for sticking with it.

So for the next 4 weeks I will be conducting a workout from Pavel's "Enter the Kettle Bell" that combines swings (pull) and get ups (push) for hopefully a winning combination.  Pavel's philosophy is focus on form, keep it simple, keep it intense, and combine push and pull exercises to get an intense full body exercise.  The workout I'll be conquering the next 4 weeks is the 12 minute man makers and 5 minute get ups, 2 sets a week, 4 days, maximal intensity. 

So here's the workout plan:

Program: 12 minute MAN MAKERS
Frequency: 2 days a week
Intensity: complete as many swings as possible with good form, when form fails go into an active recovery exercise of jumping rope or jogging, then go back to swings
Time: 12 minutes, not including warm up stretches and cool down stretches
Type: Kettle Bell swings - a power and cardio PULL move that taxes the entire body: legs, low back, abs, shoulders, and upper back

(photos courtesy of pdf article on Kettle Bells, features the ACE version of 1 arm swing)

Program: 5 minute GET-UPS
Frequency: 2 days a week
Intensity: no more than 5 consecutive reps per side, take a break or move into partial get ups if form begins to suffer
Time: 5 minutes, not including warm up stretches and cool down stretches
Type: Kettle Bell Get-Ups - a strength and power PUSH move that taxes the core: low back, abdominal, upper back, and shoulders

(photo courtesy of pdf article on Kettle Bells, features ACE version of Half Get-Up)

Yesterday I completed my 12 minute Man Makers. It felt great during, I mean it was hard I was swinging away with a 25lb Bell but it felt good, I felt powerful, tapping into my inner amazonian woman.  Today, I felt like I worked hard, it woke up my hamstrings and inner thighs, my low back, and my upper back are all chanting Pavel's name as I strut around the office.  As long as I don't sit to long I am golden.  Tonight I try the Get-Ups, and I look forward to the challenge.

Health and Happiness


Welcome 2011!!! Year End Wrap Up

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, things got really busy after Thanksgiving.
Basically stopped running after the 1/2 Marathon. Wrapped up my finals for classes, yaaaaaay, an A in budget and finance, a B+ in Biomechanics, a B+ is a sad A- . 

I took a 2-day sports nutrition seminar and got multiple really great resources, and 2 new books: Sports Nutrition Guidebook and Food Guide for Marathoners, and I got them signed (fitness geek alert). 

Nancy Clark is one of the premiere Sports Nutritionist in the industry and has collaborated with marthon icon Jeff Galloway (you will be hearing more about him in future blog's as I begin my marathon training).

Signed up to run a marathon in November. This will be my 1st marathon ever, Savannah Rock&Roll Marathon, I did not intend to run a marathon this year but when your fiance' says let's run marathon together you say YES :-).

Got hired on to teach FlirtyGirl Fitness at Clayton State University this semester.

It was a very Happy Holiday I got lots of new toys to play with:
- DVD: Enter the Kettle Bell
- DVD: Kettle Bell for Women - From Russia with Love
- Book: Essentials of Strength Training
- Game: EA Active 2 for the PS3
Looking forward to playing with my new toys and posting about them.

Goals for the New Year
- To achieve 20%  body fat by June 1st and maintain it through December 31, 2010 through exercise and diet changes
- To participate in my 1st Body Building Competition
- To complete 1 full Pull-Up by my wedding day
- To complete my 1st Marathon in under 5 hours by adhereing to a long term training program
- To get my ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist Certification
- To post at least 1 Training Tip a month to my blog

What are your goals for the New Year? Do you have a game plan? Hiring a qualified trainer or enlisting the help of a friends is a great way to get motivated and stay on track.

Happy New Year!!!

Health and Happiness