Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Days = In Home Workouts

Wow, So Georgia was hit with the most snow it has seen in a decade.  Real, stick to the earth, cause roads to shut down, shut down the state for 3 days snow!
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So what does one do with all that free time - 3 a day workouts of course!
 My 3 best friends this week have been Kettle bell, EA Active 2 for the PS3, and FlirtyGirl Fitness DVDs.

FlirtyGirl Fitness
I have been loving my FlirtyGirl Fitness workouts, each day a new DVD.  Mastering the moves and getting my flirt on.  I can burn from 500 to 700 calories per 60 minute workout.  I was so impressed with how sweaty I got from just dancing, but of course I don't just dance it, I work it, giving every move all I have.  So sweaty and hello hamstrings and low back, all that ab rolling and dropping low really hit those neglected area. It was really nice to be doing a workout I could have fun with, and fun checking myself out in the mirror while I do it ;-)

EA Active 2 for the PS3
So this was one of my Christmas gifts, and I have been having sooo much fun with it.  This week I worked on the 21 day Cardio Kick Start program, it includes, mountain biking, sprints, basketball defensive drills, soccer drills, cardio boxing, cardio intervals, and full body strengthening.  The medium workouts only last about 20 minutes and burn between 100 and 200 calories.  Yesterday I tried out the Core and Crunch 30 minute Cardio/Core routine, it was intense and I burned just over 200 calories.

Kettle Bell
I am staying on track with the 4 day program from "Enter the Kettle bell" - T. Pavel.  I have gotten up to 30 consecutive swings with a 25lb bell before I take my recovery.  I have progressed to a full get up, I dropped the weight down to a 15 bell.  My back and hamstrings have adpated well, I have had minimal soreness compared to week 1.

The hardest part of the snow days has been not over eating.  We should not have bought all this snack food.  Chips and cupcakes are calling my name, ick.  If it is not in the house I do not eat it.  But, suddenly the threat of snow and you grab non-perishable tasties.  I have managed to keep the weight loss going even with the temptations around.  If I can just avoid diet sabotage I can make it through my 4th snow day at home.

Time to get in my daily of Flirty Girl, then a little EA, and some Get Ups....oh fitness you keep me sane.
Bad weather is no excuse to not get in your workouts, you just have to get creative.

Health and Happines


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