Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flirty Girl...6 days to go!!!

The FlirtyGirl take over will begin in ...

Location: Clayton State University
Program: FlirtyGirl Fitness - Booty Beat
Premiere Date: 1/20/2011
Premiere Time: 6:35 PM
Countdown: Delayed

Location: Georgia Institute of Technology
Program: FlirtyGirlFitness - Booty Beat
Premiere Date: 1/18/2011
Premiere Time: 6:45 PM
Countdown: 6 days

To get you ready for the FLIRTYGirl invasion at your gym I will be posting little sneak peaks of the FLIRTYGirl Fitness:Booty Beat program throughout the week.

What is Ultimate Upper Body?
The Ultimate Upper Body includes dances that incorporate movements focused on using the upper body.  One of my favorite Upper Body moves is the Britney, it works the muscles of the upperback, the lateral, posterior, and anterior delts, as well as heightens the heart rate.  The move includes a hug across the chest, opening the arms, arms shoot up, arms press down, and feet hop side to side.  Tap into your inner pop diva for this move.  It is a fun sexy move and a great way to kick off the BootyBeat program. 

I will be teaching at Georgia Tech and Clayton State, but you may have the opportunity to get Flirtified at a studio near you. For instructor info and other locations check out the website at .

Get FIT - Have FUN - Feel FABULOUS!

Next Time... All About Abs...

Health and Happiness


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