Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NEW PROGRAM!!! Express Fit Pass

30 minutes to a Healthier You!

ExpressFitPASS is a new program at my Campus Recreation Center to promote faculty/staff wellness.
This is also serving as a huge portion of my internship for the semester.

ExpressFitPASS is two 30 minute circuit-training sessions with a certified personal trainer who is also an employee at our institute.  The class is offered 5 days a week as a drop in course for a nominal fee in addition to your gym membership - which also allows you access to the track, strength training equipment, and cardio stations.

The first week was completely free! And our numbers were incredible 20 to 30 people per session all week.
I was pleasantly surprised.  Apparently this was exactly what our faculty and staff had been looking for.  Something short, sweet, and effective...but let's not forget affordable.  I even saw several faces from my home office.

We actually have pretty good numbers for a pilot program.  We have about 20 members registered, which makes for a class size of about 5 to 10 per session, very manageable.  We have all fitness levels, which makes for an excellent challenge for me the instructor making sure that everyone is getting a safe effective workout. 

I have gotten some great feedback, even from people who decided not to purchase the pass.  A lady with chronic knee trouble told me she got several exercises she could add to her regimen that she felt were safe for her but challenged her.  Another woman told me the class showed her how to correctly use the equipment she already had at home, but had not put to use in "a while". 

So far the major barriers seem to be the price, parking, and just not having the flexibility to make it at lunch time.  So, maybe we'll try a night session, or some sort of early sign up discount.  They have already worked out a fix for the parking issue that will take place next month!

I am enjoying exposing a new group of clients to novel exercise concepts and empowering them achieve a new level of fitness.

Health and Happiness

- L -

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