Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fun at FitFest!!!

Atlanta Fit Fest

Atlanta Fit Fest was exhausting...but soooo much fun.

FlirtyGirlFitness with Jenn Hall, Ultimate Flirty Girl
Started the day meeting up with Jenn Hall, Ultimate Flirty Girl, and other FlirtyGirlFitness ladies.  It was sooooo much fun.  We did a variety of NEW FlirtyGirl Foundation Moves, which was great for me, I was able to be challenged and pick up some new choreography.  She also introduced a new style of teaching the class that I am so excited to try out, FlirtyGirl Freestyle.  This format allows the instructor to be much more creative and break out of your usual routine.  Very excited to try this out!!!  I was sweaty, and smiling, you forget how much fun it is to participate in a group fitness class when you are spending so much time teaching. In 30 minutes my girlfriend burned over 500 calories!

Tone & Dance with Tim Roberts of Bally in Stone Mountain
We took a little snack break and explored the fest before we met up with Tim Roberts for Tone & Dance.  You ever walk into a class a little cocky, I am in great shape, I run all the time, and then have yourself humbled. Yeaaaah Tim humbled me, it was not what I was expecting.  I think he can see it in your eyes that you think you are tougher then his class, he definitely came to me and my girlfriend and quickly dominated us.  By the end of class I was dripping sweat, my quads and glutes were on fire! It was a great workout, another 30 minutes, girlfriend burned about 500 calories.

At this point we had gone throw about an hour of cardio and toning. Time for another snack break! 
We met with the vendors of a natural products line, they were extremely friendly, and I will get there name and info and post here.  There lime body oil smelled amazing!

Diezel Bounce with Delida
Time for Diezel Bounce with Delida.  Diezel Bounce is Delida's creation, a trampoline based workout.  I was just excited to get on the rebounder.  My mom used to purchase just about every piece of fitness equipment that would come out and video...hmm maybe that is how I wound up in this thing she still owns is the lil mini trampoline.  Also, more intense than I had expected.  My calves and quads were buuuuurning.  It was a great cardio workout and an amazing toning workout for your lower body and a great core and stability challenge.  I thought I was going to tip over several times, but I did not!  Another 500 calories by my girlfriend...her goal is 2000.

At this point we were both exhausted.  Several times I glance over at my girl and I thought she might fall out.  But, we still reeeeally wanted to do Zumba.

Zumba with Sue of Zumba Atlanta
Zumba time!!! last session.   Zumba with Sue, Sue looked very familiar, I think I have run into her at another convention before.  She was great. I never thought about it before, but now I understand whay Zumba instructors are so dynamic if they are great instructors.  Your emotion has to come through your movements and your face, since there are very few verbal commands given.  It was lots of fun too! Got another great cardio workout.  Shook, shimmied, and swayed our way into over 2000 calories.

Final count. 2 hours of fitness classes. Over 2000 calories burned!

Overall a great way to get a workout at a super cheap price ;-)
It was basically buy 1 class, get as many as you can fit in for free!

Health and Happiness,


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