Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So today I had my 1st ever hydrostatic body fat test.

It was very exciting.  Hydrostatic testing is referred to as the gold standard in body fat testing.  Your body is submerged in water and you exhale as much air as possible.  

My Current Numbers:
% Body Fat = 21.8
Lean Body Weight = 109.3 lbs
Fat Weight = 30.5 lbs

The technichian actually does testing for a lot of athletes including at least 8 competitors in the April 9th SNBF show.

Goal Numbers:
% Body Fat = 15
Body Weight = 128.6
- 11.2 lbs fat

That gives me about 10 weeks for 11 pounds.
Definately an attainable goal.

If you are interested in getting the best estimate of your bodyfat and you don't mind investing a little money, the mobile testing unit could be at a fitness center near you.  Find out where you can get your bodyfat tested by visiting

See you in the gym!

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