Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Busy, Just The Way I Like It!

Last week was my 1st full week of fitness classes of the new year at the CRC. Between my personal workouts and classes I am practically living at the gym!

APPH 1050 (Mon & Wed)
Advanced Strength Training is back! This semester I am teaching 2 days a week,  twice as many students, and 2x the opportunities to help students create a healthier lifestyle.

Garage Training (Mon & Fri)
Monday and Friday my 6AM regulars make these early mornings worthwhile. 

GR8 Start
Is a program I put together to help people put their resolutions into action. In  6 sessions they would create a goal, receive fitness testing and assessments, and walk away with a customized meal plan and fitness plan that they helped create!

Tabata Gravity (Tuesday PM)
1st week was amazing! Packed class, tons of energy. Hoping for a repeat tonight!

Tabata Combos (Thursday PM)
We apply the Tabata 20:10 protocol to several exercises in this 45 min class. Finishing out with a 1 move grande finale! Beat your reps each week!

Cardio Kickboxing (Friday Noon)
I mix up skills, drills, and choreography to create a high intensity cardio sweat fest. I used to struggle in choreographed classes when I started, I don't want beginners to feel intimidated so I put together a mixed mode class. Just keep moving and sweating, on or off the best, no judgement here.

FlirtyGirl Fitcamp (Saturday)
Flirtygirlfitness is BACK! I forgot what a great workout dance can be, this is a way for me to trick myself into doing cardio on the weekends. Adding new choreography and new music this week. 

Roll, Relax, Rejuvenate (Sunday)

Offering 6 sessions of self massage to improve athletic performance, agility, mobility and reduce muscle soreness related to all the new workouts we're trying.

I am keeping busy in January! Oh and tonight I get to meet my Team for the CRC's biggest loser!

Comment below and share What new classes you are trying or teaching this month? 

Health and Happiness