Sunday, July 24, 2011

SNBF July 16th FINALE!

5:30AM - Wake up and pack my show bag, breakfast with coach and Team AMOR .  Quick poses in the mirror, my arms look really tiny.
We had to eat sooo much food. It was kinda overwhelming, but i got it all in and held it down.
7:30AM - Meet at Brenau University for pre-show breifing. 
Not really nervous yet, just anxious to get on stage.  Backstage I run into Catrice of Catrice Catsuits and show off my new body in her suit.  The ladies arent talking a whole lot backstage, except with their teammates, I think its just nerves.  Me and my teammates talk a bit, we are soooooo thirsty, they are competing in novice Figure Tall and Novice Figure Short.  I will be going on  2nd to last for pre-show.  I am dressed tanned and ready to do this!

9:00AM - Show is starting. Backstage scarfing down some snack foods and doing a few strength moves while I wait for my coach to take me through my circuits.
My mind is swirling what is my best side chest? what is my best triceps side? Are my quads popping enough? where are my abdominals I know i have them? have my arms pumped up enough? they were sooo big a week ago!

Number 2 to the stage!
Not nervous. Still just anxious and excited.  Just got touched up, oiled up, and pumped up, nothing else I can do now but show it off!
Phew! That was absolutely exhilirating.  The lights were soooo bright.  I could kind of see the audience but mostly can see the face of the judges.  I was smiling so big I could feel my face twitching!  I couldn't help it, it was just sooo exciting.  Then I got to meet with the professional photographer for individual photos I hope these came out really good.

11:00AM - 4:00 PM
Back to the Hilton.
Not much going on during this time. My family goes to grab lunch and fiance goes to run some errands.  I get left in the hotel by myself to eat my preshow meal and snacks.  Tried to nap but my head is just swirling and I am soooo thirsty, I only get about 30minutes of sleep, the rest of the time is spent just relaxing trying to calm my mind.  I go through my routine about 10 times just to get it cemented in my head.

4:30 PM
Check-In for evening show at Brenau University.  This is the big show, we find out who won what and I get to go through my routine in the evening show.  I will be the 2nd person to go on stage. 
It all just seemed to go by sooo fast...but...I did it...I competed in my 1st Bodybuilding competition, and I won, 1st place! 

I meet 8 time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney, he stops by to tell me I did a really good job on stage.  Highlight of the evening!

Part 2 of Show:
I get to enjoy lovely wonderful waterrrrrrrr. The figure girls step up on stage. They look soooo good up there!  They both make top 5, names are called for 5th, 4th, 3rd, and thier names have not been called. Holy crap! Both ladies WIN 1st place in their division! They then battle it out for the overall winner
I went backstage so that we could all celebrate!
Then I start seeing the stage director waving me over...apparently they called my name for another award.
SNBF Best Female Poser!!! All those posing classes with SNBF and Amor Fitness & Nutrition paid off!

Post Show
1st post show meal, 2slices of mellow mushroom pizza. 1 slice grilled chicken and 1 slice spinach, and a glass of wine.  OMG it tasted soooooooo good.

Food then sleep and a lot more water. 
I am exhausted by nights end but what an amaaaazing weekend.
All the dieting, all the hours in the gym, it was all completely worth it!
I will definately do it again.  Back in April! I do have a marathon to get through in November ;-)

Thank You!
Thanks to everyone who supported me through this processs:
Trainer-Brad Lokey, Posing & Nutrition-Amor Fitness and Nutrition:Adele & Travis, My Fiance, Tashawn & Jovi for showing up at the show and cheering for me, I definately heard them up in the stands, My Mom and Sister for being there for the AM and PM shows and keeping me company durin the day ,  and everyone else for putting up with my mood swings, dietary restrictions, and time restraints.

All your love and support was very much appreciated!

Health and Happiness

Friday, July 15, 2011

Almost Show Time!!!

Less than 12 hours til show time.

Spray tan has dried...last of the supplements have been last meal for the evening...then some much needed rest before an early 6AM start.

Breakfast at 6...Check in at 8... Showtime 9AM!

Here we go!

Health and Happiness


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Flashback to Saturday July 9th

1: the number of pounds away from my weightloss goal for the competition.

2.75 : the number of pull ups I accomplished, unassisted! Never in my life have I even done 1 and it has been my goal for the past year.  Next goal, 5!

6: the number of days left to competition day.  Already planning to compete again ... maybe in April.

12: the number of miles we (me, fiance, and fellow fitness blogger Tashawn) ran on the silver comet trail.  We are at about the halfway point for our marathon training.  Due date November 5th!

Keep pushing, hope you are on track to meet your goals as well,

Health and Happiness,


Monday, July 4, 2011

2 weeks til competition...and the Peachtree RoadRace

These past 4 weeks have been brutal.
But, I have been sticking to my nutrition and fitness plan and I have lost a total of 20lbs since February as of Saturday.  I was even able to stick to my cardio last week while enjoying my bachelorette weekend in Vegas.  As my maid of honor said, if i can stay on track in Vegas I can stay on track anywhere.

Each week the nutrition gets more restrictive but I can definitely see the difference, especially in my abs.
I am seeing more and more definition each week and I am looking forward to seeing how defined I can get before the show.

I have selected my music and have put together my posing routine.  I meet with my posing coach and nutrition consultant Adele one last time this week.

My workout schedule is all messed up this week. Migraine on Sunday so I could not get through my upper body workout and today the gym was closed for the 4th. So I am 2 days behind in workouts and I feel pudgy.

I did get in 6 miles plus the 20minute walk to the MARTA station post race. 
I put in a personal best of 56:18 for the Peachtree!  I finally achieved my goal of under 60 minutes, actually shaving off about 5 minutes from my time last year.  I was the strongest, fastest, and lightest I have ever been and it felt amazing!  I attribute my success to the daily hill climbing and the intense lower body training I have committed my self to in preparation for the upcoming fitness competition.

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!!!

Health and Happiness,