Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear Universe...

Dear Universe,

I get it! I need to stop eating the crap I have been eating! Now stop trying to kill me, Please.



Signs from the universe:

1 – I called the pizza place to order a grilled chicken salad, I promise that is what I called for, but was told no pizza or sandwiches due to oven failure. Cool, I’ll get a donut on my way to get my salad :-D

2 – I arrive at the donut shoppe craving something cream filled. Sorry ma’am our credit card machine is down and we can only take cash. I never carry cash, oh wait I did have cash, but I spent it on McDonalds this morning. I’ll hit up a different spot on my way home, you can’t stop me universe.

3 – Whoohoo. The hot and fresh sign is on! This is totally going to be worth it. “I would like 6 assorted donuts. 3 glazed, 2 cream filled, and 1 chocolate ( I am allergic to chocolate this is for my husband). I would like the chocolate iced in a separate bag please” “6 assorted donuts. 3 glazed, 2 cream filled, and 1 chocolate in a bag, No problem”. The window opens and I can smell the aroma of donuts wafting from the window, they are always best hot…wait where is my separate bag. Oh no the chocolate is touching my other donuts! She apologizes and make me a new box, yay! I beat you universe.

4 – Just finished my grilled chicken, gotta save room for my yummy crème filled donuts. I have been thinking about you all day. Hmm, that crème looks funny, kinda yellowish. “umm, is that lemon crème in my donut” husband “yup” SERIOUSLY ( I am also allergic to lemon). At this point I want to punch the universe and the donut lady in the face. No one should be this upset over a donut.

5 – Today, Pumpkin flavored coffee for breakfast, yum yum yummy. Nope, the coffee was burned. Sigh.

6 – I have pretty much given in to the course of the universe. For lunch I get beef stew, barely, and steamed vegetables. While I was out, our boss bought us all free pizza from my favorite pizza place.

Okay Universe, you win, I give up! It is time to get back on track.

Health and Happiness


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Asheley said...

YYYESSS!!!! I know exactly how you feel if it makes a difference. However, the signs the universe usually gives me are not quite so loud....