Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's Atlanta Mania TIME!

Well it's the most wonderful time of the year! Time for my annual SCW Mania  experience :-D 

If you have not experienced the "high" that is being surrounded by enthusiastic, driven, educated, and supportive fitness professionals ... You are missing out! 

I think fitness pros might be some of the most positive people you'll meet, and its contagious! I always feel like I can take on the world after these conferences. 

If you would like a little taste of this excitement, and you're in the Atlanta Area this weekend, I highly encourage you to attend some of the free sessions taking place this weekend. Yes! I said free!

The state of the industry panel was the highlight for me last mania. I had taken a year off from teaching group fitness, I was burned out from teaching so many classes, and the panel inspired me. I left with a renewed since of purpose. Fitness can change people's life and I was an agent of that change! See its contagious ;-)

Well if I'm attending a workshop, you know I am getting a new training under my belt. This Mania I am taking the Trigger Point Therapy MCT level 1 course.

If you glance back at my body maintenance post you'll know I'm a believer in incorporating restorative work into your fitness program. I am looking forward to learning proper techniques to improve the mobility and function of my clients, athletes, and myself.

If you happen to be at the conference come say hi! I'll be working as a staff assistant all weekend. I'll be sporting my signature Flirty Girl Camo cap ;-)

To follow the mania action online look for #Mania13ATL

Health and Happiness

Friday, July 5, 2013

Peachtree and Me

Let me start by saying I did not properly train for this year's 10K.

I felt the consequences of that decision a day later :-P oooooh the pain.
(2 days later all better)

So let's talk about the race.

En Route: Weather is looking very gross. Overcast, it's been raining for several days it is going to be a wet slippery run.

(Don't worry I'm not driving and taking pictures)

Mile 1: oh god what was I thinking" I learned very quickly this race was going to feel differently than last year. I never have that thought at mile 1. About 11mins.

Mile 2: "this still hurts, when are the endorphins going to kick in, thank God for down hill coasting" This year, in my super observant pain enduced focus I realized there are a lot of down hill treks. About 10mins.

Mile 3: "okay if I can just conquer this next hill I'll be okay" My husband is setting a great pace, I am struggling to keep up but I'm trying not to show it. About 10 mins.
(On the way up cardiac hill at Piedmont)

Mile 4: "Suck it cardiac hill! I crushed you!   Arrrrrgh! Yeah!" Okay I was feeling a lil cocky at mile marker 4, I think the endorphins kicked in here, it would be short lived.

(Top of my head and cardiac hill)

Mile 5: "Seriously! Can we slow down, maybe some walk run intervals. You're enjoying my pain aren't you?" At this point my fatigue is starting to show I am falling more than a few strides behind my husband, and I don't really care :-p I just want this to be over.

Mile 6: "Yes! Yes! Yes!" We hit the 10th street corner and I know it is a downhill stretch! My husband starts to create some more separation, I sprint up to take our post finish photo together. 

.2 for the finish: I can see the finish line! Woohoo. My husband has put quite a not of distance between us. Sensible me "hey let's finish this in one piece", competitive me "I can't believe he is trying to leave me, nuh uh, not today we will finish this together!". I hit an all out sprint! I might vomit. 

Whoohoo we finish together. I didn't vomit ;-) 

This is the 1st time in years I have felt this bad at the end if a race. Knees hurt, hip flexors are on fire, I am exhausted. We go meet up with friends and family.

(Me, Mom, and lil sis)

(Look the husband smiled for a picture!)

(Pic collage, one of my fave new apps)

I have been running the Peachtree with my friends and family for several years now, it has become a family tradition. Usually, this would be a benchmark race for me.  I would train consistently for 15 to 12 weeks to cut seconds off my time. This year my focus shifted from cardio to muscle hypertrophy. So high impact, hard surface, cardio training has been that extra thing that I should probably do in the back of my mind. 

I will not take this race for granted ever again. Under training hurts!

Official Finish Time: 01:02:47
2012 Time: 01:03:19

I don't know how we did better than last year. It was all my husband, cuz I was ready to walk that sucka at mile 5 ;-) Hanging up my running shoes til next year ... Wait, what, lil sis wants to run a half marathon, arrrrrgh ?!?! Love ya sis!

Hope you all had a happy healthy holiday weekend!

Health and Happiness,


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Goals!

Where did the 1st half of the year go?

Alright June is done! Time to evaluate progress on those goals. How did you do?

June Goals:

Exercise Libraray:
I filmed 5 videos on June 30th! Technically, goal completed :-) Working on editing those now and aiming to have them posted by end if the week! Don't expect a Jilian Michaels production here, but we have to start somewhere.

Fitness Facility Check In:
I have started working at a new Facility. Amor Fitness and Nutrition! It turns out my bodybuilding coach Adele is expanding her business and was looking for additional instructors. I am having a blast teaching and getting to know my fellow Team Amor competitors! We even have plans to bring New classes to the schedule... Ooooohm (hint hint)

New class at CRC:
Still working on this one my original pitch was accepted, but everything won't be in place in time for this semester. But, I am hoping to have BIG news on another opportunity I was offered by the end if this week! Looking for final approval.

Bi-weekly Blog Post:
Okay, I did fall short on this one, but I did post more frequently than usual. I think that's a step in the right direction we'll keep working on this one.

Now for the grand reveal of this months goals! Drum roll please. I do an awful drum roll, I'll imagine yours is fantastic !

Uploads: Yes you can be on the lookout for more videos from me! People are always asking about the moves I list or what my classes are like, and I want you to know, sooo more videos!

Vacation!: Me and the husband are taking a much needed vacation next week, but I don't want you to miss out on your daily fit geekiness ;-)

Conference: Mania is coming! It's a fitness conference I have been going to the past few years. I server on the volunteer staff for a huge discount, CEUs, and a chance to meet some of the top instructors in the industry. I want to share that experience with you this year, yup you're coming to mania with me!

So those are my goals for the month! Along with continuing last months goals. 

What are your goals for the month? Did you meet last months goals?

Good luck goal getters! You got this!

Health and Happiness,