Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween with the Browns 2015

Halloween is my favorite holiday! Scary movies, treats, and time with the fam!

The night before Halloween I gathered the candy and lined up my favorite DVDs for viewing throughout the day.

What is your favorite movie to watch around Halloween? I always watch "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". This year I added "Hocus Pocus" to the line up!

My moms neighborhood doesn't get trick or treaters and my lil sis was hitting a party in the evening, so I started a new tradition! Halloween Brunch!

I made my 1st attempt at a frittata and it was sooooo good. 

I made a turkey sausage and mixed greens frittata. I substituted egg whites for 2 of the whole eggs and I used whole fat Greek yogurt instead of milk. This reduced a bit of the fat and added a lil more protein. And it's brunch so we sipped on spiked apple cider while we ate.

After our meal, pumpkin carving and "Hocus Pocus". 

Mom went home, Then we watched the painful UGA vs FL game.

Then it was time for a costume change.

Alicia handed out candy while I prepped dinner. Every year we bet on the most popular costume. I chose "the minions", Alicia chose "witch", and Anthony chose "Elsa"(my pick last year). Alicia won! There were 6 witches before she left. She gets bragging rights until next year.

A new recipe for the night, pumpkin, sausage, and sage sauce over pasta.

After dinner and handing out the last bit of candy we had part 2 of our night. Treats and eats with the neighbors. Then an uber trip to our friends place for scary movies and treats.

A fun night was had by all!

I hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Health and Happiness,

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cooking with Pumpkin: Pumpkin, Sausage, and Sage Sauce

Wrapping up harvest season with this easy sauce recipe. I only had to make a special grocery run for the sage. Everything else was in the fridge or pantry. I like to make a themed recipe for Halloween. This year I decided to try pasta with pumpkin sauce. 

- puréed pumpkin
- 2 Tbsp olive oil
- 1/2 c red onions
- 1/2 c full fat Greek yogurt 
- 1 large clove of garlic, minced
- 1/4 tsp salt
- 1 sprig sage (4-7 leaves)
- 1 c water
- additional salt and pepper to taste
- 3 links fully cooked ground turkey sausages

Heat oil in pan. Add garlic and onions sauté until tender. Add 1 can pumpkin purée. Stir in 1/2c full fat Greek yogurt. Slowly add in water as needed to achieve desired sauce consistency. Add sage and salt. Heat til warmed, about 5 minutes. Add cooked sausage. 

Mmm, this dish was loaded with flavor and fairly easy to prep. I used whole wheat pasta, but I would love to try it with spaghetti squash. A simple savory sauce with high protein turkey sausage and a fiber boost with whole grain pasta.

I also tried to use all of my pumpkin this year:

Carved a Jack O Lantern

Roasted and puréed the shavings

Toasted and seasoned the seeds

What is your favorite way to use pumpkin?

I am thinking I'll thin out the sauce and serve it as a hearty soup for Thanksgiving.

Health and Happiness,