Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FREE 12-Week Workout Program from ACE

2011 Kick Start Workout Guide

(photo retrieved from, from ACE article Kick Your Way to Fitness)

So it is the NEW YEAR, which for most people means – RESOLUTIONS! If one of your resolutions was to lose weight, gain muscle definition, or improve your health the fitness professionals at the American Council on Exercise have designed a FREE 12-Week Program for YOU. The best part, yeah I already covered that it was free, so the 2nd best part, the exercises come from the ACE Fitness Library so they come with pictures and videos of all the moves. I know how frustrating it is to see a still photo or anatomical description of an exercise and have noooo idea how to execute it properly. So these videos are definitely a bonus for the beginner exerciser or for any exercises that are new to you.
Below is the contents of the Health e Tips newsletter I received.

“Ready to get fit for the New Year? Looking for a workout program that's safe, effective, reliable - and one that you will stick to? This easy-to-follow 12-week fitness program developed by the experts at the American Council on Exercise (ACE) is designed for the beginner in mind, but can even be used by the more-advanced fitness enthusiast to supplement any exercise program.

Designed to be done anytime, anywhere with no equipment necessary, the first 4 weeks of the program will help you develop a stable core along with strength and mobility in the hips using a 30-minute workout and 15-minute walking program. Throughout the program you'll build total body strength, enhance cardiovascular endurance, gain muscular definition, lose weight, improve health and increase energy. What better way to start the New Year!” – ACE, Health e Tips Newsletter, 12/29/10

So does this sound like a program that could be right for you? Well the 1st for weeks are posted now! The next workout won’t be posted for another 4 weeks in February. Are you ready to make a change? Yeah you are!

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