Monday, June 15, 2009

Follow Up - SCW Mania ATLANTA

Things I learned at SCW Mania:

- muscles are sexy
- I am a certified Urban Striptease Instructor (contact me for classes)
- I can function from 6:15am to 10pm if I really want to
- women can be muscular and pretty
- women can be muscular and masculine
- Sara Kooperman (founder of SCW) is awesome
- kettle weights are not as scary as I thought the were
- I am still not a fan of BOSU (I am balance challenged)
- I am a fan of ZUMBA
- EFit total gym is awesome! and so in Natalie Heckert its creator
- BBQ and Margaritas are a great combination
- if you workout for over 7 hours in one day you will hurt the next day, ALOT
- Tricia Murphy-Madden is so much fun to dance with
- you can do pull ups using a body bar and and 2 strong people
- circuit training can be very exciting
- Dynamix sells spa and body products as well as music
- agility and plyometric progressions are more fun when you use a slingshot(
- fitness people are so friendly, empowering, and motivating
- there is a right time to eat carbohydrates to get the most out of it
- serving as an SCW Staff Assitant is both rewarding, fun, and a great learning experience ( i will definately be back again)

Health and Happiness

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SCW Mania Atlanta


Bikini Bootcamp went well and I looked pretty good in my string bikini on the beaches of the Dominican Republic ;-), I'll have to catch you up on that a lil later, because right now....


What is SCW Mania...
SCW Mania is a huge conference that travels coast to coast hosting 100's of workshops, certifications, and lectures on the latest in fitness programming and technology. The conference last 3 glorious days and it is a great way to pick up CEU's, network, and stay at the forefront of the constantly changing fitness industry.

Last year was my first time attending the conference it was exhilirating and exhausting attending multiple workshops and certifications from 7am in the morning to 8pm in the was awwwwesome!

This year I am going back, as a volunteer, still picking up most of the classes and CEU's I want, but also helping ensure that others have the same great experience I did.

I will take my laptop with me, I'm assuming the hotel will have wireless, so that you can tag along with me for 4 days of fun and fitness in Atlanta!

see you at Mania!

- Health and Happiness -