Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oly Lifts, Olympia, and October Goals

These past few weeks have been amazing!

I work part time at a private gym, GetFit Around the Corner. Olympic Lifting is a primary piece of our programming. 2 weekends ago some of our Athletes participated in their 1st meet!

The meet was hosted by the Emory Weightlifting Club, a great group of guys that have hosted several lifting workshops at our gym. It was exhilarating  watching all the athletes gracefully power through their snatch and clean and jerk. 

What I was most impressed
 with were the number of women that competed.

I look forward to competing next time! I pulled my back a few weeks before so I couldn't participate :-(

Oh, and by the end of the day Coach G, my dad, won a medal for his division!

Great weekend!

So last weekend was Olympia Weekend! The Super Bowl of physique and fitness ! A group of my bodybuilding friends actually got to attend! So jealous, next year tho, next year I will be there! 

Thanks to I have been able to watch the Olympia live stream the past few years.

Dana Lynn Bailey entered the Olympia history books as their 1st ever Women's Physique winner. Tycie Coppett comes in   2nd!
Nicole Wilkins brings a more muscular physique and wins her 3rd Figure Olympia!
Oksana gives a memorable Joker themed fitness performance; Adela Garcia keeps her title.
Iris Kyle makes history with her 9th title as Ms. Olympia for women's bodybuilding.
Kai Greene had an amazing bodybuilding routine, he thoroughly impressed me when he threw in a yoga balance move, I lost my mind and was cheering as if he could hear me through the laptop. Kai came in 2nd, Wolf 3rd, and Phil Heath claimed his 3rd Olympia!

I wrapped up Olympia weekend with "Generation Iron" at Phipps AMC, the only theatre in Georgia showing it!

It was worth the wait! They did an amazing job connecting the audience with the athletes. I was really touched by Kai Greens journey and his ability to use bodybuilding as a therapeutic release. Now I need to go back and see "Pumping Iron".

Now it's goal time! 

Almost a new year and so much to do. A former coworker came by my desk today, he left 6 months ago to follow his dream of professionally brewing beer, came back to say hey to everyone. He looked so happy! Everyone should be that fulfilled and happy in what they do :-) Thanks for the inspiration! 

Stay passionate, stay driven, stay focused!

Health and Happiness