Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mother's Day as a Mom to Be

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's and Mom's to be.

I wake up earlier than my husband so I treated myself to a yummy breakfast of waffles, chipotle chicken, guac, and eggs. 

I later found out he was planning to get us breakfast. Ooooops, I'm pregnant, I wake up hungry. I could totally do second breakfast too.

Then we headed out to CineBistro for lunch and Captain America. I actually have a pretty bad track record for dine in theatres on Mother's Day. I am now 0-2 in good experiences. I ordered a burger, well done, with bacon, caramelized onions, no tomatoes, no lettuce, with fries. What I got was a burger so pink I could see it in a dark theatre, no bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Messing up a hungry pregnant ladies meal, on Mother's Day is not a good idea! By their 3rd attempt they got it close enough to right for me to eat it. But the movie was great and the rest of the day was much better.

It has become a Mother's Day tradition to get takeout and eat in the comfort of home. Olive Garden is our go to. Their online app is great. 

I was able to order 3 meals with specifications during our drive from the theater to the restaurant. Our food was sooo good. I highly recommend the takeout route for holidays. No wait and no hassle, and you get quality food

We spent the evening eating and looking through the baby book and family photos.

top left: my baby book, top right: photo of my mom and me in her belly, bottom: our formal KFC Mother's Day dinner

Check out the cute gifts my husband and sister got me.

The hubs got me a beautiful charm 

He also got the cutest matching charms for our moms. 2 gold booties set with the August birthstone.

My sis got me the cutest cookbook

I might have teared up when I opened it.

How did you celebrate Mother's Day?

Does your family have any unique traditions?

Health and Happiness,

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Baby FitGeek is Coming!

We made it Facebook official at the beginning of April.

Baby Brown is coming!

We found out just before the new year, December 31st to be exact. My hubs birthday, I think that is a pretty awesome gift! We decided to keep the news to ourselves until we hit the 3 month mark. But, we decided to confide in my sister so that we could share our excitement with someone.

Then we invited the moms and my sis over for game night in February. We decided to reveal our news using one of our favorite games, Scrabble!

Did you notice the magic word, TOT! 

The moms were so excited. They danced, laughed, and happy cried. It was pretty awesome.

Then in March we found out the sex of the baby. I like secrets so I was okay with not knowing, but the hubs really wanted to know. We invited a few family members over for a "Sex Reveal Party". 

I was super excited for my Gamete Game. All the cups represent an egg or an X and the balls represent an X or Y sperm. Combine the 2 and make a Girl XX or a boy XY. Team Boy, people who thought the baby was a boy used the Y ball and Team Girl used the X ball. We used water because pregnant women drink sooooo much water. It was really fun watching my BigMa chug water.

After the game we revealed the actual sex of the baby!

We will be adding a baby boy to our team in August!

Now I'm just trying to stay fit and healthy in preparation for the baby. I connected with OhBaby! Fitness to learn as much as I could about prenatal and postnatal fitness. I'm Still training and teaching until I pop.

Did you workout during your pregnancy?

Did you keep teaching group fitness and training? For how long?

We are excited and anxious about this new journey in our lives. I'm looking forward to a knew lil workout buddy.

Health and Happiness,