Sunday, June 5, 2016

Third Trimester: I Finally Made the Maternity Investment

I officially entered the 3rd trimester last week! Finally looking pregnant. Which means the belly has popped and the only things that fit are yoga pants, tank tops, and sports bras. I haven't worn a real bra since the end of the 1st trimester. I decided it was finally time to make the maternity investment.

So I grabbed my Mother's Day gift cards and my mom and we headed out to buy some clothes that fit. Mission 1: Properly fitted maternity bra/nursing bra.Mission 2: Shorts, it is already hot hear in Georgia I need at least a good pair of shorts. Mission 3: Dresses, a good maxi or sundress will grow with me and keep me cool through the summer. Our destination Lenox!

Mission 1: Maternity/Nursing Bra
It's kind of crazy to think I have gone 33 years without a properly fitted bra. During this pregnancy my chest grew before my belly did so it was time to take control of the situation. I called ahead to Macy's maternity department to see if they perform fittings, Whoohoo they do. 

The selection was overwhelming and I had no idea where to start. Luckily associate Cynthia was more than happy to help. She did quick bust and rib cage measurements then she began putting together a selection of bras for me to try. More than 10 different bras in varying sizes, styles, and coverage: with inserts, without inserts, heavy support, light support, underwire, no underwire, lacy, jersey, silky. She helped me adjust the straps for the best back support and helped me select the right cup size for my growing bussom. There were so many to choose from.

After giving them all the goldilocks treatment I settled on my favorite fit and style. 2 Motherhood bras in black and beige. They have nursing snaps for when baby is here, but they provide great support and coverage until baby arrives. I also purchased an extender, just in case. 

The Peas in a Pod version were a close contender. But, the Motherhood bra was the better value for me. Also, if you're looking for a bra Macy's had a "Buy 1, Get 1 50% off" deal on their maternity bras.

Stop number 2 was Old Navy and TJ Maxx at Lenox. Well TJ Maxx did not have a maternity section, but they did have a great infant section. They carried Carter's, Infantino, and other quality brand clothes and gear. Anything we don't get at showers, we could definitely find here.

Mission 2: Shorts
Old Navy had everything on sale! I went straight to the clearance section and found a pair of shorts for $6.49. They weren't maternity shorts but they have a stretchy waist band and tie. I think they'll grow with me. 

Mission 3: Dresses
Dresses were also on sale, $15 or 40% off. Just last week I came in dress hunting. Didn't buy because I hate paying full price. The sales gods were in my favor this time. I bought several jersey dresses to stretch and grow with me through summer and fall.

So fellow fitgeek mommas how long did you wait to make your 1st maternity purchases? 

What are your maternity must haves?

I'm still a fan of just buying stretchy fabrics that will grow and shrink with me. But, the bra was a must have.

I'll be sharing more of my pregnancy journey every Sunday til I pop. Check in on Friday's for babyfitgeek fitness talk.

Health and Happiness,