Sunday, May 31, 2015

Goals for June

Can you believe we are already half way through the year! Yikes! When did that happen?

Here is a quick outline of my goals.

Short Term Goals for June:


  • 45 minutes a day of cardio 6 days a week
  • 3 days of total body weight training a week
  • 1 day a week of barbell strength training
  • 10k Steps A Day
  • 96oz of Water a Day
  • Plank a day streak of 31 days

  • Blog everyday for a month
  • Launch 2 new online programs
  • Secure sponsors for upcoming blog campaigns
  • Attend 1 networking event this month
  • Submit my AFAA Presenter documents by June 31st
It has been a busy 2 months for me. We just started a new semester of classes at Georgia Tech. I auditioned for 3 new fitness locations. I attended several entrepreneur networking events and made some great contacts. I have worked hard at creating new opportunities. 

This month is all about following through on personal and professional goals. I have really been pushing myself on the business side of things. Getting outside of my comfort zone and expanding my network. As usual my workouts fell a bit behind, 2x a week instead of 3. But, with BlogFest and the Peachtree right around the corner I am definitely motivated again.

Have you met your short term goals for the year? Are you well on your way to crushing your long term goals?

If you're struggling to meet your goal I have a great opportunity for us to work together to redefine your resolution and find success. I am really excited about this new program and I hope you'll check it out in the upcoming days. I will be posting additional details on Wednesday. Until then keep pushing, we can do so much in 6 months.

Health and Happiness,


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jazz Fest with the Fam

I spent Sunday afternoon at Piedmont Park relaxing with the family and enjoying the tunes at Jazz Fest.

The festival is FREE you just have to find parking. I was able to log a mile each way from parking to the park!

We made our way into the park, following the music and the crowd towards the main stage area. On our way we grabbed a goodie bag from the Miss Jessie's crew.

Then we found a shady area and claimed our spot.

Then we noticed a FREE coffee stand and sampled some hot and cold Lavazza coffee.  

Mmmmm tasty.

Piedmont Park is great place to relax, take a fitness walk, or just sit back and people watch. It was a beautiful day to enjoy Jazz Fest with the fam. We enjoyed a nice cool breeze and relaxing tunes with a side of girl talk. Bonus, I was able to log more than 8K steps!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Health and Happiness,

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Walk This Way

An injured toe means I could not walk or run in our annual campus walk. But, that did not prevent me from participating!

If you were there you may have seen me at registration. Or at mile marker 1.

Or riding along the golf cart directing walkers or assisting injured participants.

The route took us along the Pi Mile. A 3.14 mile route that starts at the CRC and lead us in front of the presidents house, pass the stadium, and back to the CRC.

It was great getting to see some of my former co-workers representing their departments.

I am glad I was able to contribute and help make this year's president walk an enjoyable experience for our faculty and staff. 

The campus walk is annual event that brings together our campus faculty and staff to celebrate Employee Health and Fitness. It is an opportunity for faculty and staff to socialize, meet CRC staff and trainers, and learn more about our employee fitness services.

How is your campus celebrating Employee Health and Fitness Month?

Share your event in the comments below.

Best Regards,