Monday, May 21, 2012

Bonus: Workouts

BONUS: Workouts
This circuit is designed to take 20 to 30 minutes depending on how much rest you take at the end of the circuit. A cirucit workout is a moderate to high intensity workout due to the relatively short amount of recovery between each exercise.  I generally spend 1 minute per exercise, with just a few deep breathes between exercises and save my water break for the end of the circuit. I would repeat this circuit 3 to 4 times depending on the amount of time I have available. I would also include a light warm up of 2 to 3 minutes of walking, jogging, or jump rope before starting the circuit and a 5 minute cool down and stretch at the end.

Sample National Employee Health and Wellness Day Circuit(20 - 30 minute)
Warm Up (2-3 minutes of light cardio)
Push Ups
Alternating Lunges
Bicycle Abs
Recovery - 60 to 120 seconds or an RPE(11-13)of Light to Moderate
Repeat 2-3 times
Cool Down (5 minutes of light cardio and stretching)

Sample Core and Cardio Circuit(30 minutes)
Warm Up (2-3 minutes of light cardio)
High Knees
Bicycle Abs
Jumping Jacks or Side Kicks
Reverse Crunch
Jump rope or X-Raises
Vertical Leg Crunch
Recovery - 60 to 120 seconds or an RPE(11-13)of Light to Moderate
Repeat 2 times
Cool Down (5 minutes of light cardio and stretching)

*remember to consult a physician before starting any new exercise program. posted workout is a recommendation, go at your own pace and consult a certified trainer for modifications to meet your current fitness level and current fitness goals.  you are attempting this workout at your own risk, discontinue exercise if you are feeling dizzy, lighthead, or nauseous*

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Festival Fitness

Kirkwood Spring Fling

This weekend you can get in some casual festival fitness while enjoying art, music and local vendors at Bessie Brenham Park from 10am to 10pm.

There is a 5k at 8am, you can register at or at the race if spaces are still available.

Is running not your thing? You can put in an hour of casual walking around the park and checkout the local vendors.

I'll be volunteering with Crossfit Around the Corner until Noon, come checkout free demos and sign up for a free intro session.

So get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and events around town and sneak in some fitness too.

In other news... Bi-weekly updates, dropped the ball on that one in return for your patience I will post 2 free workouts this weekend, lucky you!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Physical Fitness and Sports Month

It's a great month to get active and get moving!

Here in Atlanta there are lots of 5Ks and fun runs going on around town,

Do you prefer to walk and explore arts, foods, and music, there are tons of festivals, some free, that you can easliy get in your 30-60 minutes of cardio.  I walked the Dogwood Festival last week and got in over 2 hours of walking!

The weather is warm and there are lots to see and do around town.

Need some help kick starting your fitness?

ACE has a 30 day challenge you might be interested in #30DaysofFit

I'll be posting bi-weekly this month for tips and tricks to fitting in physical fitness into your very busy life.

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