Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I am now officially an ACE Certified Personal Trainer!!!

Official as of this sunday!

I am also officially enrolled in as a Master's Student in Exercise Science!

Lots of new things on the horizon...
Including an audition to be an instructor at a local dance studio.
I am really excited about this opportunity, I have been performing belly dance for the past 6 years and it has been a wonderful mode of fitness and artistic expression, and I would love to b able to share the joy of dance fitness with other women.
My audition is sunday, and I am not in the best dancing condition so I have 5 days to recruit some dance muscle memory.

At my current studio I will be teaching a GTS/Gravity Training System class as well as an Interval class. The interval class has become one of my favorites, I love pusing my participanst and watching them slowly build strength and stamina.

I plan to post different methods I am trying for personal training as well as some of my class formats. Always open to feedback :-D


Health and Happiness

- L -

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome Back

So I took about a year's hiatus from the blogosphere.
But I am back with a purpose!

This blog will be a look into my progression from mundane working woman to Master's student to Fitness Professional.

I am so excited!

I was recently accepted into a local Exercise Science Master's Program and my current job has approved me taking classes starting this fall.

I have been teaching Group Exercise classes over the pass year, and it has been fabulous, I never thought I would be any good at it, but this is definately not my moms aerobics. My style is a combination of strengthening, interval, and personal training. It has been awesome and has made me feel so empowered. My students have given great feedback and the staff and fellow instructors are amazing people.

There is a big fitness conference coming up that I am soooo excited about. There are lots of training, learning, and networking opportunities. I hope to get certified in at least 2 new styles.
I'll post more details after the conference.

This is a really exciting time in my life, and through this blog I hope to connect with other members of the fitness community as well as the curious consumer.

*disclaimer: any comments made on this blog are my own opinions based on my personal experiences, they do not necessarily relfect the opinons of my previous, present, or future learning institutions, fitness club, or the fitness community at large*

Health and Happiness
- L -