Thursday, July 29, 2010

SCW Mania 2010

Today's adventure in Fitness...

Flirty Girl Fitness Professional Instructor Certification

SCW Outdoor Boot Camp Certification

Countdown to training...

Just completed my Flirty Girl Fitness Certification. It was amaaaazing. Flitry Girl Fitness: Booty Beat is NOT striptease, it is fitness based choreography from the creators of Flirty Girl. Fun Flirty dance moves, with cardio intervals that got me up to 180 BPM and kept me between 130 and 170 most other times. That is pretty amazing for a choreography based class!!! The moves were fun and fairly easy taking moves from all genres of popular dance. With moves like "flash dance", "the old school" - similar to the carlton dance, "the cow girl", "pulp fiction" - haha yeah like the moves John Travolta busted out . I am looking forward to trying to get some things running.

Got my next certification in about an hour, time to fuel up and head out.

The last certification was brutal , just got some dinner into me a few minutes ago. But, I am now also a Certified Outdoor Boot Camp Instructor. Yaaaaaay!!! I learned some really great body weight combos that I can not wait to start implementing with clients.

So I am only 1 certification away from being ready to Launch my business. I will probally be doing a few teaser classes at various studios until I am ready to launch.

I am very excited!!!

Health and Happiness


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shopping Trial #1

So attempt number 1 was not an epic fail, but I know I can do better.

From store #1 I bought:
- 2 bags of Spring mix salad (sale)
- 2 pints of fresh blueberries (sale)(this should get me thru 2 weeks if I freeze the 2nd pint)
- less than a pound of georgia peaches(sale)
- 3 plain chobani greek yogurts (sale)(I should try and buy bulk yogurt if I can, i like to eat yogurt daily and I only have 3 in stock, that won't last all week)
total = $13.11

From store #2 I bought:
- Organic Cage Free Eggs (sale)(this was a mistake, I'll stick to store brand next time)
- Frozen veggies (sale)
- 2 cartons silk vanilla soy milk (sale)
- fresh grape tomatoes
- fresh broccoli
- 1 pint fresh strawberries (sale)
- rotisserie chicken deli prepared ( impulse buy, soooo hungry)
- 2 boxes Special Kay Protein Plus cereal (sale)
total = $31.67

GRAND TOTAL = $44.78

My budget was $42 but I wound up spending $45, :-( that's what happens when you shop at 2 different stores and don't keep the receipts with you I also got over charged by $2 on organic eggs, which I only purchased because onsale they were only $1 more than regular eggs. I also bought some fresh tomatoes and a rotisserie chicken that weren't on my list, the chicken was an impulse buy because I was so hungry after eating oatmeal all day.

As you can tell from my list that is really not enough food to last me a month.
Luckily I have a cabinet of pasta, rice, and canned goods as well as a freezer stocked with frozen chicken. This should still help me not overspend. Now that I look at it, I have plenty of food in my home and have no real excuse for how much I have been spending out.

So what I have learned for next go around:
- coupons
- I have heard fruit at the farmer's market is a whole lot cheaper
- stick to my list
- do not shop hungry

We'll see how I do next month.

Health and Happiness


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Tiiiiime = Skin, Skin, Skin

Hey All,

In todays Post:

June Wrap Up
- Bride to Be
- 100 Push Up Update
- Peachtree Road Race Update

What's Coming
- 100 Push Ups Revisited
- the $2 a day healthy diet challenge
- HERS 4 Week Bikini Challenge

June Wrap Up
So it is time to Transition from Spring to Summer and lets take a Look Back at June
Bride to Be: Well top of the list, as of June 13th I am newly engaged. The gentleman in my life sometimes refered to here as my "male workout partner" popped the question at the end of a business trip in Savannah, and he is looking forward to free personal training for life ... I think I can get him at least a reduced fee ;-)
100 Push Up Challenege: I try not to look at this as an epic fail. I like to think of it as more of a speed bump, and every time I repeat it I am getting a little bit closer to over coming it. I will defeat you 100 Push Ups - just you wait , this month is the MONTH!!!
Peachtree Road Race: This year it became a family affair. Me, the finace', my mother, and sister all completed the peachtree road race. My sister is fast for a newbie - she completed in 1:09!!! My mom shave 10 minutes off her practice time. The fiance' took 12 minutes off his previous time. And I gained 3 minutes :-[ . So generally, ok all the time, I am a very competitive person. I run my pace, eat my dust, and I'll see you at the end. But, at the start of the race I had a change of heart, I decided I will run this race with my fiance'. For him this was a great decision it put him at a much quicker pace, and I got to coach him over cardiac hill. For me it felt great to actually be able to run with him (he used to be soooo much faster than me). Then at 10th Street we sprinted it out to the finish-I win, and that was enough for me- this year ;-). Next year I am going for a personal best ! Under 1 hour! besides, I can't let him and my little sister beat me :-D

Check in for updates on:

100 Push Ups...Again: This is the Month folks, I know it is, I can feel it in my pectoralis muscles.

$2 a day healthy diet challenge: This is based on a modification of the $1 a day challenge that 2 highschool teachers embarked on. They enetered in to the challenge based on the statistic that impoverished americans have to live off $1 a day and they're recognition that they were spending a large chunk of their income on food. In their plan they actually break down cost by ingredients and only allow themselves to consume a $1 worth of food a day.
So why woul I consider taking a similar challenge, because I have been spending a ridiculous amount of money on food the past 2 months. I stopped preparing food at home and began relying on take out and fast food. Paying an obscene amount of money on salads, steamed veggies, smoothies, and breakfast foods. With my wedding coming I need to start saving as much money as possible and cutting back my nearly $25 a day habit of convenience food would be a HUGE help.
I am going to make my life a lot easier and move up to $2 a day and just multiply that by the remaining days of the month, minus a pre-planned trip to New York for 5 days - so minus $10. My grocery budget is $40 for the month of June. I go grocery shopping tonight for at least half the months food - will post my grocery list and the price break down.
For mor info on the $1 a day challenge check out

HERS 4 Week Bikini Challenge: Simple. With my convenience food diet I gained some extra pounds I had not intended to. I figure as long as I am restructuring my diet, i should restructure my workouts too. There are several parties coming in August, and I would like to look like I am a personal trainer - your body can be your best business card. 4 to 8 pounds in 4 weeks should have everything bikini ready I will try to update my progress weekly on this as well.
This workout was featured in the March/April 2010 issues of Hers Muscle & Fitness, for more info on Hers and this workout you can visit:

So it should be a very busy very eventful month,

Health and Happiness