Friday, June 26, 2015

2015 Hawks Draft Party

Late last week my sister informed me that "I don't get out much". So when I saw the announcement for the Hawks draft party I knew we had to go! We were not disappointed.

The event was FREE to attend. That is always my favorite kind of event! The had the floor set up with tables and chairs for sitting and socializing along with several bars. They had multiple screens set up along with jumbo tron for pre draft interviews. If you are a member, there was even a special members lounge set up.

There were lots of opportunities for photos around the arena. Including the awesome one below.

We stayed at the event for about 3 hours. Long enough to enjoy some food and drink and catch the hawks Round 1 pick, and hear that we were trading him. That was kind of anti-climatic.

Overall we had a really good time.I would not have usually watched the NBA draft, I am more of a college football girl, but I wanted to be a part of the Hawks experience. It's the arena so the food and drink were over priced, but as I told my lil sis it's all part of the experience. Highlight: the look on that kids face during the Knicks selection during Round 1, if you were watching you know what I'm talking about. Low Light: getting excited over the Hawks pick and then immediately hearing he was traded. You should have heard the crowd cheer after our pick. 

Were you at the Hawks Draft Party? What was your favorite part?

It was very cool hanging out with fellow sports fans and being a part of the Hawks Draft Experience.

Now, is it football season yet?

Health and Happiness,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Superhero Circuit to Celebrate Batman: Arkham Knight

So, Yesterday was the release of "Batman: Arkham Knight"! I am a huge Batman fan, so in honor of this week's game release I put together this superhero circuit.

Here is the break down for the circuit:

10 Jabs Right, 10 Jabs Left

  • From ready position, extend right arm and fist forward imagining contact with villains head or upper body
  • Bend the elbow to bring arm and fist back to the starting position
  • Left elbow remains bent and hand remains high, around shoulder height, to protect the face and rib cage 
  • For more power in the punch step forward with the right foot as you execute the right jab.

3 Burpees

  • From ready position, bend at the hips and knees, place hands on the ground in a low squat
  • Walk, step, or hop the feet back so that you are in plank position
  • Walk, step, or hop the feet forward towards your hands into a low squat
  • Jump or stand up to the starting position

5 Knee Strikes Right, 5 Knee Strikes Left

  • From ready position contract the abs, lift the knee to waist height
  • At the same time take both hands from shoulder height towards knee
  • I imagine grabbing a pad and bringing my knee into it 5 times on the right side and 5 times on the left

5 Pull Ups

  • Grab the bar with palms of hands facing away from you, Contract your abs and pull the shoulders down and back
  • Bend the elbows and pull the chest up to the bar, keep the elbows pointed down towards the ground
  • Pause at the top when chin gets above the bar
  • Keep abdominal contracted as you slowly extend the arms back to your starting position
  • Assisted works great too, I only add enough assistance that the 5th rep is hard to complete

*ready position: Feet about hip width apart, weight on the balls of the feet, abs tight, shoulders back and down, hold arms close to the body, fist protecting the head and heart, elbows protecting ribs
I like a 1-2 minute rest at the end of each round. This is repeated for a total of 6 rounds.

Who is your favorite super hero? Comment below with your favorite hero, Batman for life!

Put on your mask and cape, okay maybe just the cape, and embrace your inner superhero for this kickboxing & body weight workout!

Health and Happiness,

Monday, June 22, 2015

First Aid: Sprains and Strains

Strains and Sprains are some of the more common injuries we see in the fitness industry. When tendons (tissue that connects muscle to bone) and ligaments (tissue that connects bone to bone) overstretch. A strain is an injury to the tendon and muscle fibers. A sprain is an injury to the ligaments around the bones, maybe you have had an ankle or wrist sprain before. I know I have felt both, neither felt very good. When I 1st started lifting I was doing a light weight deadlift and lost my form on the last lift and pulled a muscle in my back. I felt it as soon as I did it, but I tried not to let it show on my face but it was a radiating pain over my low back and it was all I could do to stay upright.

First Aid for Strains and Sprains:
  • Rest, Stop moving, stop using the injured area. Depending on the severity of the injury you may need to revisit the rest step for several weeks. When I strained my back I was out for few weeks.
  • Ice, I always put a barrier ( a towel or wrap) between the ice pack and my skin to prevent irritation or damage to the skin. Ice can help reduce swelling and pain in the injured area. Ice can be applied for up to 20 minutes at a time every 3-4 hours.
  • Compression, Light compression can help provided support to the injured area and prevent further injuring the body part. Try the 2 finger rule to make sure compression is not to tight; If you can slide to fingers under the compression it is probably a good fit.
  • Elevation, Elevation helps get blood flow to and from the injured area and can help reduce swelling. several pillows will usually do the trick.

You May Need to Seek Medical Attention :
  • if you suspect a break or dislocation
  • if the swelling does not go down - this could be a sign of a break
  • if the pain is severe
I always recommend my clients seek medical attention for sprains or strains because I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or determine the severity of their injury. Plus, as you your trainer I don't want to do anything that could potentially make the injury worse. So when in doubt, go to the doctor.

Preventing Strains and Sprains:
  • warm up before you lift
  • focus on proper form during every rep of every lift
  • lift within the normal range of motion for your joints
  • if you are feeling fatigued take a short break
  • if you feel any sharp shooting pains, STOP!

What tips do you have for preventing sprains and strains?

Next week is our last week of First Aid tips. Next weeks topic is broken bones and fractures. Spoiler alert - seek medical attention. I'll discuss how I coped with a recent break,

Health and Happiness,


  1. American Heart Association, Heart Saver First Aid, CPR, AED, Student Workbook
  2. Green, D.J(ed) (2010). ACE Personal Trainer Manual: The Ultimate Resource For Fitness Professionals (4th ed.)   SanDiego, CA: American Council on Exercise.
  3. Mayo Clinic, 

Friday, June 19, 2015

#PowerWomenSweat Networking and a Workout, The Perfect Combo

Real world networking is usually a struggle for me. So I started only attending events that included a topic or activity I was interested in, other than just offering alcohol and food. Combining a workout and networking was the perfect combo for me!

Our host Amber did a great job kicking things off with an icebreaker. She challenged us to each meet and introduce ourselves to 3 new people using the prompts she gave us. Breaking the ice can be hard if you're out of your element. Here are 3 of her tips:

  • Pay a Compliment, who doesn't like a lil flattery. Plus I usually spend a lil extra time getting cute for a networking event, I'd appreciate the recognition. 
  • Do I Know You from .... , we're all so digitally connected, odds are you do know someone from social media, especially in the fitness industry. Quick sidebar, met with a fellow trainer in person at a conference we went to connect online and realized we were already following each other.
  • Introduce yourself, it's an oldie but a goodie. You're at a networking event, the expectation is you're going to meet strangers. 
I'm not great at small talk but being at a fitness event put me more at ease. The icebreakers really helped. The hash tag #powerwomensweat made it easy for me to connect with people after the event.

After the icebreakers we were introduced to our co-host for the evening. Lexi, @lexiwiththecurls , Lexi blogs about natural hair, beauty, celebrity hair, fashion, and events and Tahira of @thecutlife , a beauty and lifestlye brand for all the short hair ladies.

Then we prepared to ride!

Coach Tuesday lead a high intensity, high energy rhythm ride for a packed class of entrepreneurial women. I am still modifying most of my cardio, but I was still able to lose myself in the rhythm of the music and get in an intense 1 hour of cycling. These power women did sweat! We sweat hard!

At the end of the event host Amber gave out some great Reebok swag. 2 participants even won shoes!

Have you been to a @powerwomensweat event ? 

I look forward to making it out to one of their other networking events.

Health and Happiness,

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Festival Foot Steps: Food Truck Tuesday in Smyrna

I enjoyed a nice evening out in Smyrna for the Taylor Brawner Park, Food Truck Tuesday. I didn't even get to enjoy the Food Trucks, but I did get in plenty of steps. 

Lesson learned. Arrive to the park early. I parked nearly a mile away. Between the walk to the park, wandering around, and walking back I logged over 11K steps! A long walk is not always a bad thing.

My client invited me out. She was performing with her band, Thunder Gypsy, and some of her students. She killed it! It was great seeing her rock out in her own element.

I didn't seek out food til near the end of the night, The lines were too long for me by then.

I look forward to sampling some of the yummy food truck goodness the next time I come out.

Did you come out to Food Truck Tuesday? Name your favorite food truck?

Food Truck Tuesday every Tuesday Night during the summer. Check out City of Smyrna Facebook page for food truck updates! Grab a snack, enjoy some music, and get your steps in walking the trail around the park.

Health and Happiness,

Monday, June 15, 2015

First Aid for Scrapes and Cuts

usually go beast mode on box jumps. This one time at crossfit... I missed a box jump and wiped out hard on the box. I just lost focus for a second and then shin to box.

Injuries happen in sports and fitness. Here is how to deal with scrapes and cuts you may get.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and I cannot diagnose or treat any medical conditions. The below information is written to be informative and is based on my experiences as a fitness professional and First Aid Instructor. Please seek medical treatment if your condition worsens or if you are unsure of the correct course of treatment.

First Aid for Minor Scrapes, Cuts, and Abrasions:
  • clean the area with soap and water or an antiseptic pad
  • apply gauze, pad, or bandage
  • secure dressing
optional - if you have no allergies, applying antibiotic ointment to small scrapes or surface cuts may aid in healing

First Aid for Major Scrapes, Cuts, and Abrasions
  • stop the bleeding
  • apply pressure with gauze, pad, or other clean cloth
  • once bleeding has stopped, wrap dressing with gauze

You May Need to Seek Medical Attention
  • if there is a lot of bleeding
  • if you can not stop the bleeding
  • if you see any signs of shock
  • if you are not sure what to do
Preventing Scrapes, Cuts, and Abrasions
* Wear protective gear when appropriate (wrist guards, shin guards, socks, etc)
* Stop exercising if you are feeling fatigued or feel yourself losing focus.

My injury created a minor surface cut. I washed it with soap and water, which hurt, high amount of pain during showering, not gonna lie, cleaning this cut required deep breaths, wincing, and squirming. I used an over the counter antibiotic ointment, non-stick pads, and gauze. Full healing took a few weeks and I still have shin scars but post injury ointments may help with that. I hope this article provided you some solid tips in the event of a minor injury. Remember, when in doubt always seek medical attention.

Next week's topic is sprains and strains.

Health and Happiness,

Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Student Workbook

Sunday, June 14, 2015

What To Do After You Miss A Workout

This Sunday I missed my workout window.

My usual Sunday schedule:

  • Wake up
  • Eat a pre-workout snack
  • Set up barbell
  • Lift heavy
  • Eat brunch
  • Continue with day

This Sunday:

  • Slept in
  • Drank coffee ate breakfast
  • Completed some paperwork
  • Realized I missed a meal, ate
  • More work
  • Missed another scheduled meal
  • Ate
  • Caught a movie with the hubs
  • Ate
  • Passed out
Sometimes we miss a workout. Don't let it derail you. Sometimes you just need a mental and physical break. Sometimes you just need to schedule better. This was one of those times where it was a lil of both. I rarely sleep in, so when I do it's generally my bodies way of telling me I needed the rest. But once I woke up I could have made the time, but this weekend I chose rest. So Monday is another day to lift something heavy and get back on schedule.

So what do you do when you miss a workout?

Don't be to hard on yourself if you miss 1 day. Just don't make it a habit. If you have more missed days than workout days it probably means you need to readjust your program to meet your scheduling needs. Set yourself up for repeated success by setting realistic goals.

How do you get back on track after missing a workout?

I'll be talking more about goals during this week's conference call. If you miss it I'll post it to the site.

Health and Happiness,


Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Photo Recap

Not much to share today so I thought I would share some of my photos from the week.

Some food photos from the 21 Day Sugar Detox.

(Chicken thighs, eggs, spinach, and avocado)

(Turkey burger, quinoa, and salsa)

(Apple turkey sausage, apple slices, and baby carrots)

Wednesday I hit a wall. I felt groggy, fatigued, and overall sick. I had to miss an evening class, and I hardly ever miss class. Feeling better now, not sure what the issue was.

The past few weeks I have posted my must haves for a summer getaway for the #AthletaInTheBag giveaway. Here are my blogger essentials for any getaway.

A journal for jotting down ideas or interesting information about the place I'm visiting. Cords and back up battery packs cuz a blogger is always prepared. A waterproof shatter proof camera so I can leave the iPhone safe at home while I swim, climb, and explore. Last but not least a comfy Athleta top to do it all in.

Overall a productive week.

I hope you had a great week too.

Health and Happiness,

Thursday, June 11, 2015

It's Time For Summer Sports and Fitness for GT Faculty & Staff

The CRC at Georgia Tech is offering faculty and staff several wellness options this Summer.

Express Fit Pass 
Is a circuit class that uses weight training and cardio drills to improve your overall health and fitness. We incorporate functional exercises to improve your ability to lift your kids, groceries, or files, push your lawnmower, pull weeds, and run marathons. Whether you're a beginner or advanced exerciser you can find a new challenge each week in ExpressFit Pass. Bonus, you get to workout with me 3 days a week!
Dates: Mon, Wed, Fri / June, July, Aug
Time: 12:15-12:45PM
Costs: $15 per month for CRC members, $8 per month for members with a GIT FIT group fitness pass.
Registartion: online at 

NEW! CRC Wellness Hike
The 1st Hike was out to Kennesaw Mountain. Hikes are advertised as beginner friendly 3-5 mile guided hikes. Check out the photos from the inaugural hike on the CRC facebook page. For more details visit the Wellness Hike webpage.
Dates: June 27th, July 18th
Time: 7:30AM-12PM
Cost: $10

It is the 2nd round of Faculty & Staff Sports here at Tech! Sand Volleyball is the sport for the summer. More details on the Faculty & Staff Sports webpage.
Dates: June 18th, Thursdays at
Time: 5PM
Costs: $35
Registration: June 8 - 10th , contact Dru Jenkins

Don't miss out on any of these great wellness opportunities exclusively for faculty & staff. Grab a co-worker and let the CRC be part of your healthy lifestyle!

Health & Happiness

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It Is Time For A Resolution Reboot!

Does Your Resolution Need A Reboot?

We are halfway through 2015! How close are you to reaching your health and fitness goals? If you have hit an obstacle, had a setback, or need some additional motivation I would love to help you make your resolution a reality!

Join me for a weekly conference call and we’ll discuss a different health topic each week:

Friday June 12Welcome and Introduction
Watch a brief introduction explaining the program and how to communicate with the group

Monday June 15 - Setting Values Based Goals
We'll discuss how to make SMARTer goals by incorporating your values into the goal making process. Your values are a reflection of who you are and what you feel is most important in your life. The truer your goal is to your values the easier it will be to meet your goal.

Monday June 22Nutrition Profile
We will discuss general nutrition recommendations. I will outline some of the current meal planning trends. You will receive a customized nutrition profile outlining your recommended carbs, fat, and protein based on your health goals. Everything you'll need to make healthier choices.

Monday June 29Cardiovascular Training
How much do you need? What type is best for your goals? We'll discuss current cardivascular recommendations and how to choose the right FIIT for you.

Monday July 6Weight Training
How much do you need? What type is best for your goals? We'll discuss current weight training recommendations and how to choose the right FIIT for you.

Monday July 13 – Choosing the right training for you
Personal Training? Group Fitness? Boot Camp? We will discuss some of the current fitness trends, your personality, and which style of fitness might work best for you.

Monday July 20 – Maintaining your progress
What happens after you meet your goal? What if you have a set back? I will provide some action steps to help you maintain your new lifestyle. We will work pass a single goal and towards a long term healthy lifestyle.

For less than $10 per session you will receive 6 weeks of online coaching to help you get back on track with your health and fitness goals! Special pricing of $50 for 6 Weeks of online coaching! (Valued at $75, special website launch pricing!) 

The great thing about online coaching is you can go at your own pace and participate anywhere you have a phone signal. If you are busy and can't make a call a recording of that week's content will be forwarded to you for review anytime during the week.

Let's work together to "Reboot Your Resolution"!

Interested in joining my group? Need more info to make a decision?

Contact me here for additional info!

Registration will remain open at this special price through Sunday June 21.

Health & Happiness


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sneak Peek at Sprouts Smyrna

Sprouts Smyrna location grand opening is tomorrow but today they hosted a Preview Party for the community. The party included a wellness talk, goodie bags, gift basket giveaway, 10% discount, and the opportunity to tour the store before the general public.

Sports Nutritionist Janet Little led the wellness talk to kick off the afternoons event.

She offered up some easy to follow wellness tips:

Weight Management

  • Balance your lifestyle with the foods you chose to eat
  • Eat 3 to 5 meals a day 
  • Men, 2 large meals, 1 small, 2 snacks (1500 - 2500 calories)
  • Women, 1 large meal, 2 small, 2 snacks (1300 - 2200 calories) 
Essential 4 Supplements 

  1. Multivitamins
  2. Omega Rich Oils
  3. Probiotics
  4. Super Foods
She wrapped up the wellness talk and then we got to tour the store! They have a huge variety of products and reasonable prices. Mangoes and avocados at half the price of my usual grocers. Now I have affordable organic food right around the corner!

If you weren't able to make it out today, there are 3 other promotions going on this week. Here are some of the highlights:

Grand Opening 
- tomorrow 7AM-10PM
- 1st 200 customers get 20% off

- 7AM-10PM
- 1st 200 customers to make a purchase receive a booklet for 5 free sandwiches

- 7AM - 10PM
- 15th customer to make a purchase receives $5 off a $15 purchase

For a full description of the Grand Opening promotions visit the Sprouts Smyrna page .

I know I'll be making another trip out to take advantage of their great deals!

Health and Happiness,


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fun with the Fam at the Fox Block Party

We had a blast at the Fox Block Party ! The city of Atlanta celebrated 40 years since the "Save the Fox Campaign". 

We enjoyed free music, food trucks, and a free tour of the Fox. 

Did you know the Fox offers a variety of tours? Including a ghost tour that they only offer in October. We will definitely be back for that! The tour took us from the seal of the shriners, to the egyptian ballroom, up through the balcony, and back out to the main auditorium. 

To get the most out of your tour ask questions. Ask about the man who lives at the Fox for a unique piece of Fox history. Our guide was full of fun facts and interesting personal stories. Our tour was a free a shortened version of their full 60 minute tour, priced at $20. It was a fun way to wrap up our afternoon out at the block party.

By the end of the event we were exhausted but I had a greater appreciation for The Fox and the neighborhood that supports it. I love festival season, it gives you a peak in to the culture of each neighborhood around Atlanta. Bonus, we logged over 7K steps while there.

Did you attend the Fox Block Party?
Were you able to get your steps for the day?

Try adding a few laps or parking further away from your festival site to get in some added steps.Walking the area around a festival is a great way to get fit in your fitness while enjoying your time with friends and family. Try these tips the next time you're at a festival.

Health and Happiness,


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Vibe Ride Cycle and Circuit Was A Huge Success

Students dripped sweat and sculpted their bodies during today's hybrid workout. Cardio & Kettlebells was a great way to start the weekend! 

This was my 1st hybrid class and I feel like it was a huge success! Tiffany got the class warmed up with about 30 minutes of high energy rhythmic cycling. I love the club like energy and atmosphere of the rhythm classes. You get lost in the music and almost forget how hard you're working. Then you feel the burn in your thighs and the trickle of sweat down your face and you remember, this is a hard workout.

From there the class transitioned upstairs to the VibeBody studio. I split the class into 5 stations and we reviewd each exercise and each station as a group. Here was the break down for today's kettlebell workout:

  1. KB Deadlift
  2. KB Bent Over Row
  3. KB Overhead Press
  4. V-Sit
  5. Planks
The idea was to work the muscle groups that weren't completely fatigued from the cycling class. After a brief overview students started their 3 rounds of Kettlebell circuit. We finished out the day with a 10 minute cool down and stretch. 

I stuck around for a bit to answer student questions and to recap the day with my co-instructor/owner. We felt like the class was a huge success. It was a great way to cross promote service and expose students to a workout they might not have tried otherwise. 

Did you make it out to the class this weekend?

Please share your experience in the comments below.

Health and Happiness,

Friday, June 5, 2015

Today Was a Foodie Kind of Friday

This Friday was all about yummy food.

How did you start your day? I went down to the city in hopes of snagging discount tickets for Taste of Atlanta.

I was 9th in line for passes at Diner at Atlantic Station

Look Diner even provided coffe for us early risers

Free Coffee and the coveted 2 for $20 pass!
Task complete! I got my passes for me and the fam. I was also able to swing by a second location and pick up a pass for a friend. Happy to share the awesome when I can.

Today is also National Doughnut Day! Where did you celebrate? I went to my favorite spot, Revolution Doughnuts!

I finally got to experience "the line" at Revolution, it was totally worth it!

It was also their 3rd birthday. Every purchase came with a birthday cake doughnut. A tiny tasty treat.

Look at this cute lil morsel!

I was able to enjoy their new seasonal treat, the peach slider. It was so good. The dough was light with a dusting of sugar. The peach fillinig was fresh and firm with a nice mix of tart and sweet with a bit of sweet cream layered in. Perfection. 
Seasonal Peach Slider from Revolution Doughnuts in Decatur

Did you celebrate national doughnut day?
Where did you celebrate?

I really enjoyed this foodie Friday and I am so excited about Taste of Atlanta 2015! 

Health and Happiness,


Thursday, June 4, 2015

I committed to 30 posts in 30 days

Why would I commit to 30 posts in 30 days?

Improved Writing 
Some posts will suck. Some posts will be awesome. I have to practice my writing skills to get any better at it. Hopefully the act of writing and quick edits will improve my overall blogging.

Increased Productivity 
There are months when I may only post once. I have content, I have just been revising it so long it doesn't feel relevant any more, or I just lost interest in the topic. By committing to publish each day I can keep my content fresh.

Finding my voice
The main goal of this exercise is finding my voice. Posting once or twice a week has not been enough for me to feel like my writing is a true reflection of me. My hope is writing a variety of articles will help me solidify my style.

Have you tried daily blogging?
How did you find your voice?

It's day 4 and I'm already struggling. Wish me luck!

Health and Happiness,

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What's Up this Wednesday

Today was a great day for all of my goals except water.

I had a productive morning with my client. We have decided to give the 21 Day Sugar Detox a try. I loved the simple recipes in Practical Paleo and I was curious about Diane Sanfilippo's follow up book 21 DSD. So my copy should be in on Friday,we'll pick a start date, and I'll post updates here on the blog.

After my one-on-one session I squeezed in a quick personal workout. I was not able to get through the whole workout. I did complete biceps, triceps, and quads before meeting my faculty/staff group for a lunch workout.

I finished out the night with some great energy in my FlirtyGirl Fitness class. I am loving my new mix from Dynamix. The current summer choreography has flowed perfectly with the new music.

Goal Check

  • Exceeded 10K Steps
  • Plank A Day
  • 45 minutes cardio
  • Still short on water (need to get creative with my hydration)
Hope you have had a productive first half of the week.

Health and Happiness 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tabata Tuesday: Kickboxing Core

Here is a glimpse into a new class I am teaching at Georgia Tech. I have combined my 2 of my favorite fitness formats, kickboxing and HIIT. My class uses HIIT timing, kickboxing skills, and conditioning drills to create a high sweat, high rewards, lunchtime workout.

Here is the core workout from today's class:


  • From standing position, flex at the hips, and walk hands down to the ground
  • Walk hands out to the plank position 
  • Walk hands back to feet in forward flexed position
  • Return to standing position and raise hands above head
  • allow knees to bend naturally as you walk out and in
Down and Up

  • From standing position, flex at the hips, and walk hands down to the ground
  • With hands on ground walk or hop feet back, land in plank position (for an added challenge add a push up here)
  • Walk or hop feet back toward hands
  • Stand or hop to standing position 
Participants completed this mixed interval for 4 minutes: 20 seconds/10 seconds for 8 sets. I think this core portion is the hardest part of the workout. But, the class smiled while they worked so I think they liked it.

Today was a good goal day for me. The kickboxing class helped me to exceed my step goals, I got in my plank, and logged more than 45 minutes cardio. I still coming up short on the water. I managed 62oz today and yesterday, but I think tomorrow will be my success day!

Health and Happiness,

Disclaimer: This workout was offered in a live class under the supervision of a fitness professional. Attempting any exercise on this site is done so at your own risk. Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone. Always consult with a physician before beginning any fitness program or attempting any new exercises. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

6 Must Haves for Your Fitness 1st Aid Kit

June is National Safety Month. This month we'll be discussing ways to reduce the risk of fitness related injuries and the basic 1st Aid for those injuries if they happen. Today's topic is your personal 1st Aid Kit.

Common injuries range from cuts and scraps to strains and sprains. With these few items in your kit you'll be prepared for most minor injuries. 
  1. Latex Free Gloves - keeps you free of bodily fluids and latex free guarantees you won't cause a reaction
  2. Nonstick Pads - easier to remove than gauze as injury begins to heal, you'll be glad you invested in these
  3. Latex Free Adhesive Wrap - allows for a more secure hold than a gauze wrap, can also be used for splinting
  4. Antiseptic Wipes - keeps wounds and scrapes clean and free of debris, creates a clean surface to work with
  5. Latex Free Bandages - various sizes for a variety of scrapes and wounds
  6. Scissors - for cutting tape, gauze, and pads for proper size
Nice to have:
Ice Pack - reduces swelling from bruises and scrapes; break and shake ice packs are made for 1 time use after use discard and add more packs to kit; I recommend investing in gel ice packs for home use.

I have had enough fitness related injuries to always keep a kit on hand. You don't need an official kit to get started you could use a small zip bag and stock it full of the basics. Your goal is to keep the injury stable until you can seek further treatment.

What is in your first aid kit?

Check in every Monday this month for more basic 1st Aid for fitness:
Monday 6/8/15 - Bumps and Bruises
Monday 6/15/15 - Cuts and Scrapes
Monday 6/22/15 - Strains and Sprains
Monday 6/29/15 - Oh That Toe (A follow up on my recent injury)

I am an AHA Heartsaver 1st Aid/CPR/AED instructor and I offer training course at Georgia Tech and in the Atlanta Area. If you are looking to get First Aid Certified you can use this link to find a class online or near you.

If you found this entry helpful please share with your fellow fit geeks.

Health and Happiness,