Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh Frannie!

I had a very productive Saturday.

I had an 8:00 AM appointment for the BodPod at CrossFit North Atlanta.

Then headed to open gym at CrossFit Around The Corner in hopes that I could finally attack "Fran".  They did "Fran" on Friday and I missed her, I always miss her :-(

Completed "Fran" in 5:59. I am still working on my kip, so I had to sub jumping pull ups. In 90 days I'll say hey to Fran again, with a kip!

Crossift Around the Corner 90 Day Set It Off Challenge
For the next 90 days I am participating in my gyms resolution challenge to drop body fat and gain muscle.

Phase I: Pre-Assessements
BodPod Stats (January 5, 2013)
Weight: 135.93
%Body Fat: 20.6%
lbs Body Fat: 27.98
lbs Lean Mass: 107.96
CrossFit Baseline (December 3, 2012)
4:43 - 400M Run, 40 Squats, 30 SitUps, 20 Push Ups,10 Pull Ups(jumping)
Fran (January 5, 2013)
5:59 - 21-15-9 Thrusters(65)/Pull Ups(jumping)

Phase II: Plan and Track
3 days a week, CrossFit Metcons
3 days a week, Strength
3-5 days a week, 30 mins cardio HIIT

Phase III: Re-Assess April 8th!
I can make huge changes in 90 days.
Goal: 15% body fat at 130 lbs, -8.5lbs fat, 3-6 lb increase in lean mass, a lean mean 130 lbs
What can you do in 90 days?
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