Friday, October 14, 2011

Anniversary! GRAVITY and Client I

So I was going through some old files the other day and realize that I just had a couple of anniversaries!

GRAVITYGroup Certified - 4 years! 8/18/2007
1st Personal Training Client Session at Georgia Tech - 2 years! 9/2009

Sometimes I forget how much time has gone by since that 1st class or that 1st client. 

I can still remember my very 1st GTS class. I was sooo nervous, but it was a brand new class and brand new equipment, so I really couldn't mess up that badly ;-)  I had my pre-planned workout and my GRAVITYClubhouse DVD and my fresh new GRAVITY tank top, nervous and excited, it was a packed class, we had to turn people away! After that I was hooked.  Haha, I remember having that darn machine tower flip back when I was attempting to either fold or unfold it, I mean these things are huuuge, it didn't hurt me but it scared the focus into me...I never made that mistake again!

The other day I got to sub a GRAVITY class for the 1st time in a few semesters.  It was so much fun!  I love watching the participants face when I put them into their 3 prong triceps/bicep supersets, 2 sets of triceps pull backs/dbl biceps curls, 2 sets of triceps kickbacks/hammer curls, 2 sets triceps press downs/static bicep curls it is beautiful ;-)

I actually just ran into that 1st client at GT the other day at the gym at 6:30AM.  I did not realize she never knew she was my 1st client at the facility, I had done some private contractor sessions but none at GT, and well you don't want your client to doubt your ability because you're new at the site.  We had already met once to discuss goals and do a fitness assessment and I remember being so excited.  I had constructed this well designed program of about 8 different exercises and it adhered to all the ACE guidelines, I just thought I was sooo amazing...yeah, we only got through about 4 of those! It was definitely a learning can not always get to the equipment you want and it takes time to teach, demonstrate, and guide an exercise.  Now I factor all that in.

She took sometime off to focus on her home and family and is back in the gym now getting back into her routine.  I am hoping to get in a couple of maintenance sessions with her in the near future.

It has been a great ride, and it keeps getting better!

Health and Happiness


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