Monday, February 10, 2014

Sharing the Health:5 Tips to a Healthier Lifestyle

This weekend I had the pleasure of being a speaker at Gamma Sigma Sigma's national conference in Atlanta. GSS is a national service sorority and one of their IMPACT areas for 2013-15 is Healthy Living.

My sister took photos,video, and handed out promotional materials. My husband assisted with my technical presentation. It was a family affair!

After speaking with one of the sisters about the type of information they needed, I came up with 5 tips they could utilize that day to lead a healthier life.

1. Create Value Based SMART goals
- create a goal that is specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and time specific
- explore your values (hardwork, friendship, service etc)
- when determining the relevance of your goal, consider rather it reflects your core values

2. Move More
- incorporate cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises into your weekly routine
- walking burns more calories than sitting, take a walk break every 2 hours of sitting
- ACSM recommends 10 minute bouts of exercise, but some movement is better than no movent

3. Eat More Vegetables and Drink More Water
- add veggies to smoothies, juice, eggs, soups, and pasta
- veggies contain satisfying fiber and important vitamins & minerals your body needs as well
- swap water for other bevarges and enjoy a no calorie, filling, detoxifying, and refreshing beverage
- when exercising stay hydrated by sipping about 8oz of water every 10 minutes

4. Make Change a Social Affair
- identify and lean on your supporters
- avoid your saboteurs 
- seek more support online #sweatpink #fitfluential #L4fit
Facebook groups and fitness blogs are a great way to find support for fitness special interest groups.

5. Utilize Free Resources
and many more!

That sums up the presentation. I got some great questions during the conference. If you have any additional questions comment below.

Looking forward to more presentations through out the year.

Health and Happiness