Friday, September 23, 2011

I love that new program smell

Picked up 2 new clients this week!

Looking forward to designing some new programs and getting to know some new people.
New clients always help to stimulate my brain, I get more creative with my regulars when I take on a new client. 

You just have to be so atuned to a new client, watching their posture, watching their facial expressions for emotional cues about their workouts and progress.  You have to be so careful with the new client because you know that one bad experience and you could lose them, but a great experience will keep them coming back and help to earn their trust.  In the client trainer realtionship I feel that building that trust is imperative to continued success.

Other fun stuff!
BOSU Home Balance Trainer
(Photo from  9/23/11)
I will be teaching the BOSU/Stability Ball Clinic next week at the Recreation Center so I'll be brushing up on those skills this weekend.  I will be teaching patrons the benefits of instability training and compare and contrast the exercises you can do on both pieces of equipment to what they may already be doing on their own.

We also got a set of Training Ropes at the CRC.  I am always up for learning something new, so I plan to pick up a DVD on their use and benefits this weekend.  Hopefully I can start playing with them next week and help teach a clinic later in the semester. 

Anyone have any great resources on rope training I should check out?

Looking forward to all the newness!

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