Sunday, August 26, 2012

7 weeks!

Started the week running low on protein, which is a crisis for a bodybuilder in competition prep mode.  And then I may I have gone a weee bit overboard, yaaaay sale at GNC.
I am a huuuuge fan of BSN powder formula, I had never tried the premix bottles, and decided I would try some new flavors: banana and strawberry. I have never liked Banana flavored anything, and protein is no exception. The strawberry was okay, ice cold would have probably been milkshake quality. After trying both i think I will stick with the vanilla ice cream powder its my fave (190 calories;22g Pro,13g CHO,6g Fat), if you shake it, then freeze, it taste just like ice cream! Yum!

Beverley International UMP Vanilla is my 12 week standard (120 calories;20g Pro,5g CHO,3g Fat). I love it with coffee and ice, hmmmm reminiscent of a Starbucks frappucino. GNC had their Optimum Nutrition protein on sale so I decided to give that a try, French Vanilla Creme (120 calories;24g Pro,4g CHO,1g Fat).  Not bad, but I prefer the taste of BSN or UMP. Within the same time frame my free sample of drinkclick Vanilla Latte came in (120 calories;15g Pro,12g CHO,1.5g Fat). Haven't tasted it yet, but looking forward to giving it a try.

Finished the week with a gymnastics workshop, posing practice, and house hunting.

Crossfit Around the corner hosted a gymnastic workshop for us to develop our skills on the bars, rings, and work on core and balance.  Perfect timing! I really wanted to develop the skills to achieve an unassisted headstand.

We started the days activity focusing on core exercises:
- the hollow
- superman
- L sit
- Plank
- Push Ups

Then we got inverted. I have a fear of injuring my neck, so inversion is a huge fear of mine. I have to tell myself I am strong enough and quick enough not to land on my face or my neck, and that the ground isn't that far away, and that my coach will not let me fall...this is what is running through my head while waiting to do my handstand...a few deep breathes...“think like a bumblebee and train like a racehorse” ... just get after it!
And I did!  Hehe, I don't think anyone realized how freaked out I was! But, I did it, I got inverted, twice!

Then we moved on to the kip.

I have the strength and the mobility, I just have to work on my technique. I will conquer you kipping pull up. As soon as my body can agree to push away, not drop down from the bar.

I learned lots of great techniques and exercises to work on at home and before WODs.

Then it was off to Amor Fitness and Nutrition for posing practice.
I am 7 weeks out from my next competition. Weighed in at 130.0, 3 lbs lighter than last year at the same time.  No real tweaks to the meal plan, adding in low intensity cardio 3 days a week., and adding a few more supplements: CLA, conjulated linoleic acid and L-Carnitine an amino acid .
Always consult with your physician before trying any supplement!
Even if your coach recommends it.

As a rule I do not recommend any supplements to my clients and always suggest they discuss any changes in supplements with their physician.  My least favorite part of the process is supplementing :-P

I was not in the market for a new suit, but Jen from A Suit to Remember was at the garage and had an offer I couldn't refuse.  What can I say I am a girl and the fabric is so shiny ;-)

I also need to select my music and start working on my routine.  I have a few ideas, but I'll have to see how things come together as the weeks go on.  In bodybuilding we have 60 secs to showcase our personality and display our best poses choreographed to our choice of music. It is my favorite part of bodybuilding!

Week 7 is always good, week 6 gets tougher, week 5 to 4 is complete beast mode!
Show number 3 here I come! Where has the time gone?

Health and Happiness

Monday, August 20, 2012

Yoga Like a Rockstar

Today I grabbed my sister and we headed to The Georgian Terrace for ScoutMob's "Yoga Like a Rockstar" event with Tough Love Yoga.

We got there early and managed to snag a great spot, front and corner!

The lovely ladies of scoutmob and Tough Love Yoga give a brief history of the Electric Ballroom and its musical history. It is GT's 100 year anniversary and the room we were in was used for performers like K.I.S.S.
Metal Yoga. Our instructor described it as finding the calm amongst the chaos, becoming the eye of the storm.  The artist of the day, "Isis".

Attempting a shoulder stand

It is a really cool concept and I found it extremely easy to focus, the music was actually calming in its own way it really just seemed to fade out. I was amazed at how easy it was to focus on the instructor and my breathe.

"Keeping a playful attitude, while being serious about the yoga" loved this statement by our instructor! I was able to get a great workout, challenge myself, and laugh at myself all at once. Great experience!

Afterwards I sampled the pineapple mint detox and enjoyed a spread of fresh veggies and fruit (veggies only for me).

It was sooo much fun! Got to hang out with my lil sister, and had the opportunity to enjoy a new fitness experience.  Pumped and ready for the next one :-)

Health and Happiness


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 9 *60days*

Well, well, well, we are about 9 weeks out from my next competition.
I am excited, it is nice seeing separation and definition pre-cardio, carb restriction, and super supplementing.

But, what's more important than being 9 weeks out!!! This Monday was my anniversary, and I won't lie I went a lil off meal plan for the weekend.

Pre-road trip I finally cashed in my Spa Sydel gift certificate my husband gave me as a wedding gift. It was amaaaazing.  I think the message therapist was shocked at how tight I was. I told her I work out about 2 times a day, she asked if I ever stretched, of course I do :-P But, she pointed out that I was suuuper tight in my upper back, shoulders, hamstrings, and the muscles around the IT band.  She did offer some helpful tips and suggested I utilize salt baths and steam rooms to loosen things up. All I know is that was a great start to the weekend!

After my massage, and vastly over-packing as usual, Me and the husband drove down to Savannah, Ga for our 1 Year anniversary.  Well, he drove I slept ;-)

Savannah is where we took our 1st road trip together, and it is where he proposed. So It was only fitting to go there for our weekend.

Night 1, I made the mistake of not packing my dinner, soooo I had a five guys double burger with lots of veggies: green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and removed the bun. Pretty sure they would have thought I was crazy if I'd requested no bun.

We stayed at a B and B so the next morning I had egg patties, a sausage patty, coffee, and a banana. Sigh, I left my oatmeal at home so a banana would have to suffice for my carbs. Snack - UMP protein shake. For lunch I had grilled chicken, stuffed with sausage, swiss cheese, and spinach, with a side of broccoli and a couple of sweet potato fries. Snack - UMP protein shake.

That evening we went to The Olde Pink Hose for dinner it was delicious. I had pan fried flounder, with collard greens, and grits. UMP-Protein shake for dinner.

Then we made our way back to the B and B and toasted the weekend with a taste of Admiral Rodney, the rum we bought on our honeymoon.

The next morning was back to the norm. With egg patties and coffee. Snack-UMP Protein shake. Jimmy Johns beach club unwich, a turkey lettuce wrap and water. Snack - Ump Protein.  Chicken with peppers and Teryaki for dinner.

Then for your anniversary it is tradition to share your topper with your husband. I am competitive, but you only get one 1st anniversary. So I enjoyed my strawberry cake with my husband, guilt free ;-) 

I am only human, and in the grand scheme of things my marriage and this weekends memories are worth the extra work I'll have to put in over the next 9 weeks!

Also...I did weigh-in after our cheat weekend, I could not resist, only + 0.2 pounds.

So cheers to the next 60 days of clean eating and hard work!

Health and Happiness


SCW Recap...Day 1 Yoga!


I woke up super excited about the day.  I had my super cool ACE yoga tank and my cute floral yoga mat. I would be diving into a new dimension of my fitness development, and learn a skill that I have always had so much respect for. It was Yoga Day! 

My 1st yoga class was at UGA and I took it with my girlfriends Anisha and Latoya. I was not very flexible but it was very relaxing.  I think I bought a Yoga DVD after that, I probably watched it once.  Then my Dad invited me out to Hot Yoga at an Atlanta studio. It was sooo much fun! That is what got the yoga spark going. Since then I would pick up occasional classes at Georgia Tech. During my exercise science internship they needed a sub for a Yoga class, but it was the one area I did not feel comfortable teaching. If my goal was to be a multi-dimensional fitness instructor I would have to get stronger in the area of mind-body fitness.  Hello Yoga Fundamentals!

It's funny how your perceptions of Yoga and the mind body community can influence your behavior.  I wanted some coffee sooo badly, I mean I was dragging. But, some part of my brain convinced me that coffee is bad and that my instructor might judge my vente coffee I so desperately wanted. Have you met Lawrence? Yeah he definitely had his own coffee and did not care what was in our glass.

Lawrence Biscontini, our facilitator was great.  His personality leapt off the stage, not at all what I was thinking for a Yoga instructor, but I really appreciated it.  He was fun, and he joked with us, he kept things light and informative. It was really funny, he would try and engage us and we would all just stare at him like everyone was thinking the same thing...are we "allowed" to laugh and respond during Yoga? But, I learned that just like boot camps and cardioboxing classes, Yoga does not have to be one size fit all.  The instructor and their community are what make the class.

Over the next 9 and a half hours we learned:
- 30 of the basic movements of Hatha Yoga, the discipline of opposites, sun & moon yoga
- the brain body breathe connection
- Sanskrit terminology
- cue what you want a participant to do
-Ujayyi breathing
- 6 Categories of spinal movement in relation to Hatha Yoga
- 3 phases of yoga movement
- how to facilitate movement for a safe and effective warm up, class, and cool down
- the purpose, postures, progression, prana, precepts, and prescrition for each asana
- yoga is made for all people, not all people are made for all postures

We went through so many progressions of the different postures and every movement was mindful: posture, purpose, and breathe. One of the most important things I took from the Yoga training was a greater focus and intention when my body moves. It forced me to take inventory of muscular strength and flexibility imbalances.  Generally, I am so consumed with the loads and the time and the reps, that I forget to focus on the base, the posture, and the intent of the movement.  Without that awareness I will eventually hurt myself. 

I have been more mindful of my posture during my weight training.  I have even had to lighten the load on some of the lifts, recognizing I was going out of alignment at certain points to achieve the reps.

Our facilitator gave us several assignments to complete before we begin teaching. One was taking a variety of yoga classes from different instructors in the community.
I know sampling instructors and classes will help me develop my style and help me absorb the yoga culture.  In the few experiences I have had, each instructor and style was different.  I can't wait to see what all is out there!

This weekend I am taking my lil sis to "Rock Star Yoga" with Tough Love Yoga in midtown.  It is a rooftop yoga class! How could I pass up that opportunity!


Health and Happiness,