Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome 2011!!! Year End Wrap Up

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, things got really busy after Thanksgiving.
Basically stopped running after the 1/2 Marathon. Wrapped up my finals for classes, yaaaaaay, an A in budget and finance, a B+ in Biomechanics, a B+ is a sad A- . 

I took a 2-day sports nutrition seminar and got multiple really great resources, and 2 new books: Sports Nutrition Guidebook and Food Guide for Marathoners, and I got them signed (fitness geek alert). 

Nancy Clark is one of the premiere Sports Nutritionist in the industry and has collaborated with marthon icon Jeff Galloway (you will be hearing more about him in future blog's as I begin my marathon training).

Signed up to run a marathon in November. This will be my 1st marathon ever, Savannah Rock&Roll Marathon, I did not intend to run a marathon this year but when your fiance' says let's run marathon together you say YES :-).

Got hired on to teach FlirtyGirl Fitness at Clayton State University this semester.

It was a very Happy Holiday I got lots of new toys to play with:
- DVD: Enter the Kettle Bell
- DVD: Kettle Bell for Women - From Russia with Love
- Book: Essentials of Strength Training
- Game: EA Active 2 for the PS3
Looking forward to playing with my new toys and posting about them.

Goals for the New Year
- To achieve 20%  body fat by June 1st and maintain it through December 31, 2010 through exercise and diet changes
- To participate in my 1st Body Building Competition
- To complete 1 full Pull-Up by my wedding day
- To complete my 1st Marathon in under 5 hours by adhereing to a long term training program
- To get my ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist Certification
- To post at least 1 Training Tip a month to my blog

What are your goals for the New Year? Do you have a game plan? Hiring a qualified trainer or enlisting the help of a friends is a great way to get motivated and stay on track.

Happy New Year!!!

Health and Happiness


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