Tuesday, October 4, 2016

If Girls Ran the World: Week 1 Fundraiser

I am participating in the @ifgirlsranworld #IfGirlsRanTheWorld virtual run and fundraising event! Oct 1-31 I am joining thousands of women to raise funds for charities that empower girls. Be on the lookout for specialty webinars, workouts, and other services this month as part of my fundraising!

This week's fundraiser is a $25, 30 minute, Health and Fitness Consultation. What you get: 30 minutes Q&A with a certified fitness professional, science based strategies to help you meet your goals, a discount on future services, and your entire fee will go towards supporting programs that empower girls - Girls,Inc.  I will only be scheduling 10 people at this specialty price. Register now below! You will receive a confirmation email letting you know your session has been scheduled. All sessions must be completed by Oct 31st.

Register for a 30 minute Health and Fitness Consultation

Health and Happiness,


Saturday, October 1, 2016

October Goals

I am 6 weeks postpartum! I hit some major milestones this week:
- I drove!
- I climbed the stairs!

The problem with recovering from a c-section is that it is major surgery! You spend weeks trying not to pop a stitch and having zero core support. The doctors recommend you don't drive for at least 6 weeks and that you avoid using the stairs.

On exactly the 6 week mark I climbed the stairs and went into our sons nursery for the 1st time in 6 weeks! Luckily we had enough foresight to setup an in bedroom nursery before my due date: bassinet, changing table, daiper disposal, laundry basket, and all the newborn clothing. But, if I needed anything from the nursery diapers, swaddles, or toys the husband had to fetch them. I finally climb the stairs to get our skip hop tree friends tummy time mat, Zero pain! It felt great. 1 step closer to independence.

This weekend I drove to Publix. Oh the freedom to be able to drive. I have spent 6 long weeks confined to the house. Luckily I have friends and family with flexible work schedules so me and baby O got lots of visitors. But, if I need anything someone had to pick me up, deliver it, or chaufer me. It was a simple 10 minute drive to grabbed some game day food, but it felt so very liberating.

My next big milestone will be getting cleared for physical activity. For a vaginal birth you are generally cleared at 6 weeks, but for us c-section mommas it is more like the 8 week mark. I go in for my check up this week and hoping I get cleared. I have been doing my gentle pelvic floor work: kegels and transverse holds, but I am ready to get the okay to progress without fear of popping a stitch or delaying my healing process.

My October goals are simple:
- properly hydrate
- 150 minutes of cardio a week
- 2 days of total body conditioning
- daily core stability exercise

What are your goals for the month?

Health and Happiness,