Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dragon-Con Weekend

It was another entertaining DragonCon weekend.

No hour long lines this year, we did early registration so there was no wait to pick up our passes on Friday.

I started my Saturday with a run workshop with my folks at Crossfit Around the Corner.  I finally learned to run in my NB minimus shoes, it is all about the forward lean.

Then I made my way downtown for the DC parade, an Atlanta Labor Day tradition.  We've been going at least the past 3 years just for the superb peoples watching ;-)

Sunday we dove into panels, and lots and lots of walking, I am sure I got my cardio for the day.  Next year, definitely wearing the pedometer. The boys wanted to go see Stan Lee speak, but alas he did not make it...sooo yaaay we get to hangout with my 1st pick! Adam West, the original Batman.
(this is not Adam West, this is me enjoying Adam West, hilarious,
 guy seems more like his family guy character than batman :-P )

Here's the whole gang waiting in line for "What Would Carter Do?". In case you've never seen it Eureka is an amazing SyFy series that just wrapped up there final season, you can watch it on Netflix :-)
The hubs, Andrew, and Kristin, the D*con gang.  We also went to the Venture Brothers panel (an adult swim cartoon series) and got to watch the 1st 5 minutes of their Halloween special.  We had a great time, I dressed up last year, but this year just decided to go with theme shirts.  Next year, definitely costuming it up again. 

Finished the long weekend with a CrossFit Team WOD on Monday, I am "batgirl"!
Team WOD: 200M, 100 box jumps, then 5 rounds of pull ups, push ups, and squats; then 200M, 100 ball slams, push ups, sit ups, and squats. There was a 30 minute cap, and we did not finish (DNF) but my team put in a ridiculous effort, everyone gave 100% I know, the panting and sweat drenched shirts were proof!

In other news, we got our anniversary shoes in over the weekend.
Aren't they cute. We made custom Chucks as an anniversary gift to ourselves :-)
Mine are Gold and Green with a Coral trim, our wedding colors and I added the tie-dye and skulls well cuz I'm a lil bit hippie and a lil bit rock n roll ;-)

Health and Happiness