Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ACE Personal Training in Practice

The new ACE workshop was this weekend.

I was extremely impressed with our instructor Valerie Hess, she is a very dynamic instructor and has a wealth of knowledge about personal training, and she is located right here in Atlanta!

The highlights...New ACSM and ACE Guidelines revealed!
We got a first look at the material from the 8th edition ACSM manual and the 4th Edition ACE Manual, including new standards for cardiovascualr and strength programming.

My favorite parts were the demonstration portions of class.
I got to go through a full Fitness assessment, including determining Target Heart Rate utilizing the Ventilatory Threshold(the new cardiovascular standard), Body Fat Assessments, Core Strength Assessments, Periodization Programming, and Stretch Techniques.

I got to perfect my skills in Blood Pressure and Skin Caliper assessments.

Below are a few of the new assessments in the ACE Personal Trainer Manual 4th Edition:

The Ventilatory Threshold or your new Target Heart Rate.
Your VT1 is the crossover point where your body goes from aerobic to anaerobic work, basically your looking for the point where your client begins to go from light to heavy breathing, before labored or huff and puff. This is a treadmill protocol it can take from 10 to 15 minutes depending on the client.
- Step 1: Set treadmill between a .5 and 1.5 incline (whatever standard you will be using for training) and have client walk at a comfortable pace ( recommended start is 2.0 - 3.0 mph).
- Step 2: Every 2 mins have your client recite a 10 sec phrase ( reccommended: pledge of allegiance) and listen for changes in breathing.
- Step 3: Terminate the protocol when your clients breathing becomes labored, or their is a noticable breathe every 2 to 3 words of the pharse they are citing.
- Step 4: Repeat the test every 24 to 48hrs
Try it yourself and compare your VT1 to the old formula for
THR [(HRmax(220-Age) -RHR) x .80) + RHR]

New Core Assessments
Transverse Abdominus Strength: client lies on inflated blood pressur cuff and retracts abdomen, strength is determined by subtracting starting pressure from pressure when client contracts abs.
Oblique Endurance: client goes into side plank and holds as long as possible, time each side
Hip Flexor Endurance: trainer assist client into an angled sit, watch form, terminate test when clients form changes
Low Back Endurance: trainer supports client in a back extension, client holds extension, test is terminated when clients form changes
- a ratio is taken of the assessments to determine muscular imbalances

- these are just descriptions of the assessments, the full assessments can be found in the 4th edition of the ACE Personal Trainer Manual , do not attempt these assessment until you have read through their full execution, attempting them based on the above description could pose a hazard and be potentially dnagerous to the client or trainer -

We also learned ACE style sports agility drills, which I was really excited about, it really kicked my butt and I cant wait to added to my routine and my clients.

It was a great weekend. I learned a lot and got to meet some very cool trainers in the city.
I will definately be attending more ACE live workshops it really helps put theory into practice.
If you are into the science behind the exercise I WOULD DEFINATELY RECCOMMEND this workshop!

-Health and Happiness-

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bikini Bootcamp

It starts today...okay it should have started yesterday, but Big Mama made such a great Sunday Dinner, and you can not say no to Big Mama.

So Bikini Bootcamp has become a summer tradition.
It is a 4 week, 5 day, high intesity circuit workout schedule, perfect time frame to drop off those last few pounds before swimsuit season.
The workout I choose to use is a modification of Hers Muscle and Fitness Workout Routine from about 2 years ago. But, it is one of the best workouts I've tried: Quick Results and Lasting Strength Gains!

What's great about this workout - diversity!
If you are the type of person who appreciates variety this is a great workout for you.
Most trainers will tell you one of the most effective ways to break a plateau or restructure your body is by revitalizing your routine and overloading your muscle groups.
So 5 Days, 5 Different workouts, each day focusing on 1 or 2 muscle groups:
Chest and Arms, Legs, Shoulders, and Back

What's difficult about this workout - not for BEGINNERS!
The way the program is designed it is a progression from a 2 day workout, to a 3 day workout, to this final 5 day workout. So the 5 day is not for beginners, it is for the experienced strength participant that wants to take there workout to the next level. At least 3 sets of 15 reps.

Draw backs - Time
One of the biggest drawbacks to this workout is the amount of time you have to put in.
The guide says it will take you 30mins and for some of the routines that is true, but if you are utilizing a shared gym facility it can take you 45mins to an hour. At 3 sets of 15 reps this routine can get lengthy.

So what is my goal, I've gotten to a good lean weight prepping for the Peachtree Road Race.
Now i'm looking to add some muscle mass, opting for lower reps and higher resistance, with short cardio intervals mixed in to keep my cardio up.

So I'll be posting weekly updates, and pieces of the routine, so you can get a sneak peak into how I train.

Health and Happiness,