Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Year 30 ... Bring It!

It was a fantastic birthday week!

The weekend before my birthday we took a trip to Chateau Elan in Brasleton, GA.  The largest winery in Georgia. My husband booked us the "Winemaker Wannabe" package.

First we toured the winery. MMMmmm it smelled so sweet in the processing area.  Then we sampled the Chateau's Vigonier, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and their sweet Muscadine Wine Duncan Creek.  Mmmm the Duncan Creek was my favorite, I love a sweet white wine.

After lots of sampling we got to try our hand at mixing. Anthony prefers a dry red, I enjoy a sweet white, so we blended the 2. It actually cam out very tasty! Good job hubs, putting that techie ingenuity to good use ;-)

Great weekend!

Then came my actual birthday :-)
Mom wins for 1st mssg of the day!
And dad  followed with a super sweet morning message.

Then I got to share my birthday with my clients. My buddy clients and my group class were able to experience the 13 minute birthday workout on the KB, they all loved the 30 burpees or jumping jacks.  Then my dad whipped up his own version of my birthday workout, Crossfit style, and everyone appreciated that!

My lil Sis Alicia, Me, and Husband Anthony killed that birthday workout! I had to wear my Flag nor Fail "I kill because I want cake" . Then we treated ourselves to some yummy treats at Whole Foods ponce.I had to get my favorite chicken fried tofu and OMG the strawberry cupcake was soooo tasty.

By the end of the week I acquired quite the birthday loot.

When I am ready to take on Paleo again I'll be ready thanks to the new books from mom and sis. Then my mom put the icing on the fitgeek cake and got me the TPTherapy total body package with learning guide and video!

It was a great birthday week! I had so much fun. Thank you everyone for all the birthday love, and playing along with the intense workouts. I see big things on the horizon for this year!

Health and Happiness