Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NEW Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2011

So do you ever wonder how many calories you need for your height, age, weight, and activity level?

Or maybe you know how many calories but not how many servings of whole grain, dairy, protein, fruits, and vegetables?

Did you know that the dietary guidelines are updated every 5 years?
Oh yeah, just like the fitness industry the nutrition industry is always changing too.

So what do the new guidelines emphasize?
1. Balance your calories
- enjoy your food, but eat less
- avoid over sized portions
2. Foods to increase
- make half your plate fruits and vegetables
- switch to fat-free or low fat milk (1%)
3. Foods to reduce
- compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals - choose the foods with the lower numbers
- drink water instead of sugary drinks

For information on the new guidelines and research, and to asses your own nutrition visit :
- for a quick summary: Executive Summary
- for an in-depth look: Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010
- anatomy of the food pyramid

Remember the best combo for weight loss and maintenance is a nutrient rich meal plan and daily exercise!

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2011 ACE Kick Start Workout Phase I,II,III


So I got the info out to you back in January about ACE's 12 week kick start fitness program.

Now that you are in month 3, or maybe just starting a fitness program, here are all 3 phases:

Phase I:
Phase II:
Phase III:

I have personally used all of these exercises at some point in my training.
Follow the progressions and use the videos for guidance.

Hope you find this helpful,

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CRC Biggest Loser Treadmill Workout

Oh yeeeah, I was in my groove this morning.

We started off with 30 minutes on the treadmill:
5 minute warm up -  Intensity Low-Moderate: 25% -59% HRR
5 minute SPRINTS - Moderate:Vigorous, Moderate: Very Hard, 30:30
5 minute HILLS - Vigorous:Very Hard, 60%: 84% HRR
5 minute STEADY - Moderate: 40-50% HRR
5 minute HILL- Vigorous:Very Hard, 60%: 84% HRR
5 minute STEADY - COOL DOWN , 40 - 59% HRR

Now for the fun part, I know my clients loved me for this one, but it worked out great for a small group workout, everyone could work at their own pace, and it worked their entire body, core, upper body, lower body.
1 - Inchworms across the floor, at the center burpees until teammates make it to the center.
2 - Lateral Plank walk across the floor, at end bicycle abs until teammates reach the end
3 - Lateral Plank walk across the floor, at the center hold the plank until the teammates reach you
NOW collapse grab water and we'll stretch.

It was great, it was the 1st time I felt like the whooole team had gotten pushed to their current limits.  But, they never quit.  They grimmaced, grunted, glared, and cursed.  But, they all gave it their full effort.  And as a trainer what more can you ask of your team.


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