Sunday, October 23, 2011

Billy Blanks kickin it at GT

Tae Bo creater Billy Blanks spent over 4 hours at the Georgia Institute of Technology, leading workouts and inspiring GT faculty, staff, and students to get up and get moving.

In attendance were Billy Blanks, his wife, his daughter and over 100 members of the Georgia Tech community.  It was pretty cool to be taking part in a class I had watched on VHS with my mom back in the 90's.  Billy was very dynamic , it was an entertaining high energy class with some kickboxing combined with dance breaks, after the last class he stuck around for an extra 30 minutes taking pictures and answering questions from participants.

Billy was also promoting his new fitness program Billy Blanks 24/7 Ultimate Tae Bo, and he gave away multiple kits to a few lucky participants that could correctly answer a variety of Billy Blanks Trivia.

Yet another internship bonus.

Health and Happiness


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