Sunday, October 28, 2012

I ain't scared of no ghost!

I am a huge fan of scary movies (the suspenseful ones not the slasher flicks), and scary stories, never been a fan of the live action haunted houses. I don't like other people invading my emotional space, I don't like to mess with my fight or flight reflex :-P I've heard neither flight nor fight are encourage at these attractions ;-)

I enjoy a nice controlled scare... And well I really enjoy scaring my sister :-) 

So my sis and Anthony decided we should take a trip to Netherworld! Alicia was so excited how could I say no.

The experience begins in the parking lot.

We got there pretty early, near opening so we flew through the line. 
There were 2 experiences Banshee and The Hive. Combo ticket deal, all over that.

Then through the museum; A character scared a girl so bad she fell and dropped her phone.

We had so much fun. Banshee got my adrenaline pumping and The Hive was creepy. I managed to maneuver myself to the middle position. Soooo Alicia got the biggest scares

but yeah I screamed too ;) Anthony spent most the night laughing at us.

Overall a fun night out with my sis and the hubs. 

I was able to experience one of the best  Haunted House Attractions in America, and not wee my pants :-P I was amazed by their attention to detail  and the full sensory overload that they created. It was like being on the set of a horror movie.

It was a pretty cool attraction and I am glad I gave it a try.  The sounds of my sister's screams were enough to make the whole night worth it :-) ... okay, some of those might have been mine too.

Fitness Scale: Low intensity walking, with intervals of elevated heart rate

What has been your most memorable Haunted House experience?

Health and Happiness,


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SNBF Finale!

Recap of my SNBF weekend...

This is a photo after my last cardio and leg workout on Wednesday.

I took Thursday and Friday before the show off. Go figure...I got a migraine on Thursday so all I could do is rest, eat, and rest.  Good thing I took off  :-P

Friday, now I could be productive.
Woke up and prepped all my tilapia, sweet potatoes and eggs for the next 48 hours.
Then took a quick trip out to whole foods to get my post comp Savida wine and Pound Cake!
Mmmmm carbs!

Then it was time to pack it up:
- sheets for the hotel
- flip flops for post tan
- AM/PM suits
- post comp outfit
- pajamas
- make up
- CD of posing music
- ipod
- laptop

The best tip I ever got as a competitior was to bring your own sheets and pillowcases to the hotel, you don't want your tan to rub off on the hotel sheets.

I checked in at the Wingate at 2:30PM unpacked consumed a meal and prepped my bed.

Then it was off to CAS for my 4:00 PM drug test/polygraph and 5:00 PM spray tan with Tropix Tans.
2 more meals and in bed by 9:00 PM. I always have a hard time sleeping the night before a show, you try not to roll around to much as not to rub off the tan and have to keep the room cold so I won't sweat it off.

5:00 AM getting started early. Get a fresh layer of make up on and try to decide what to do with my hair.

5:45 AM leaving the hotel to meet the team for 6:00AM breakfast
The worst thing I could see, blue and red flashing lights, red break lights, there is an accident and it is blocking all lanes of traffic, everyone is flowing into the shoulder lane. I am completely depleted and I am struggling to focus. A tractor trailer flipped :-( I did eventually get through it, our coach got caught in the craziness too, I finally make it a lil after 6:20AM.

Hmmmm pancake time!!! I have been waiting for this all week!

Always ready for the camera ;-)

Me and my friend Jovi impatiently waiting for pancakes. This is her 1st show!

Got half of our team in this shot, we are all super focused, on fooooood!

Yes I did eat 3 plates of food before I stepped on stage, sooo much foood!

7:30AM Then it is off to Collins Hill High school for pre-judging competitors meeting. We all get our numbers and our schedule for the morning. Schedule is flipped, bodybuilders are up 1st. Less carb up and pump time :-/

9:00 AM Stage time! I am getting my pump on as the men take the stage. I am oiled up, touched up, and suit is secured.  There are 3 of us in my division. I am bigger than the year before, just hoping I can bring the full package I need. Quarter turns, most muscular, and its over! All I can do is wait and hope now!

I meet up with my mom, sister, and husband, to watch my team mates in figure and bikini take the stage, we are all looking amazing.

11:30 AM Pre-Judging wraps up. I roll with my entourage back to the hotel for 2 more meals and rest.  Some competitors break there meal plan after pre-judging, but I stay strict, if there is a tie in pre-judging I want to have the edge during final judging.

3:30 PM last strict meal before the show.

4:30 PM off to the school for finale show!

6:00 PM final judging! At this point I lose track of time.  I am so excited back stage. Rocking my new gold suit, listening to the ipod, getting in the zone.

Me, Coach Andre', Coach Adele, and Cyronne our other female bodybuilder.

Time flies by! Before I know it, it's time! I perform a 60 second routine to Alexandra Sans "Mr.Saxobeat"! I felt it went great! I have so much fun performing :-) They hand out awards immediately after, 2nd place!

Cyronne and I rocking our bling!

Intermission- hehe, Jess brought cupcakes! Strawberry with cream cheese, I literally inhale it!

I meet up with my mom, sis, and husband post show.  They all say I look more defined than I had in the evening. I ran into one of the judges/coaches and he commented that I looked better than I had in previous shows.  The hubs stays with me to watch the 2nd half awards and pose downs.

2nd half, my girl Jovi sweeps Novice Figure! We have several girls place top 5 in Novice bikini, and our girl Kristina wins Novice Bikini. We did great as a team we always bring back lots of bling. Top 5 in every category I believe.

After all the fun, we meet with the judges. I always meet with at least 3 judges after the show. It is good to get several different perspectives. Thee feedback I got was that I was plenty lean, they enjoyed the performance, but I need more mass overall and need to define my abs. For some reason my abs went flat on stage this year, not sure what happened.  Talked with the coaches to give them the judges perspectives. We discuss a plan for carbing up and gaining more perspective show July!

Grabbed Anthony and met with Tashawn and Jovaghn to go grab dinner at Twisted Taco! Fiesta de Carbs! ;-)

Refueled, showered and refreshed, and off to bed!

It was a great night! A week off in Cancun and then back on the mass gain train ;-)

Health and Happiness


Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's HULK week...*7days*

It is Hulk week aka HELL week.

HELL week, the week before competition when carbs get reduced, diet gets stripped down to the cleanest elements, and we do everything we can to get that pre-show shred without peaking too soon.

Hell week turns me into a Hulk. Hulking, characterized by shortness of temper, inability to form coherent thoughts, bouts of rage, grunting in lieu of structured sentences, intense hunger, irritability, and exhaustion.

My current program includes 2 bouts of cardio a day while carb cycling.

Waiting to see what my new 7 day meal plan looks like? 
Last 2 seasons included ample amounts of eggs, tilapia, and asparagus. Publix had a sale on tilapia so I stocked up in preparation. I was eating more than a dozen egg whites a day :-P

I definitely understand this dude, this is me on day 3 of hell week...

it's why I take off from work for the last 2 days of the week, I would not be able to function :-P

Alritey, back to football and hydration,

Health and Happiness,