Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Biggest Loser - GOLD Team WINS!!!

My very competitive team won! Not only did they win, but they won:
- Team Weight Loss: 1st Place, 9%, 117 pounds
- Team Competition: Overall Winner
-> Swimming 1st, Running 3rd, Cycling 1st, and Rock Climbing 2nd
- Biggest Loser: Greatest percentage of weight loss, 1st Place (40 lbs) and 2nd place (46 lbs)

Honestly, I just got blessed with an amazing team!
They were all so competitive, and it helped them to drive and motivate each other. I think I was just the catalyst for them loosing the weight All some peole need is accountability.

It was a great experience for me, I learned a lot about myself and training techniques along the way:
- each person needs to have an individualized program, even in a group setting
- the heart rate monitor is king in a cardio program
- an injury does not mean you get to quit, it means we have to get creative
- a good stretch is just as important as a good workout
- always acknowledge any accomplishments because when it comes to fitness and weightloss, all accomplishments, are huge accomplishments!

Health and Happiness
- L -

Friday, April 9, 2010

April Showers

When it Rains it Pours - But Rain is Good Right

This month is a very busy, very productive month.

Biggest Loser Finale!
I have spent the past 11 weeks, 22 mornings, working with a group of amazing students and staff at Georgia Institute of Technology. They have been working hard at increasing their fitness levels and modifying their caloric intake and I am sooo proud of them. Our team is currently still in 1st place with a team weight loss of 7.2% and 2 of my group members are in 1st and 2nd place for individual weight loss at 15% and 12.8%. They have progressed from 30 mins of cardio a day to 90 minutes a day. There have been injuries and setbacks, but they continue to amaze me every week with their determination and commitment. They are training for their final competitions and we will know the final results on April 19th - Who will be the Biggest Loser?

Entrepreneurship Seminars
I have already proved myself to be a competent group fitness instructor and personal trainer. So now I need to make sure I am a competent business woman. I am attending a 5 week business seminar to help take my business from the "fruit stand to the factory".

12 Week Fitness Program
I am currently designing a comprehensive cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance program for a client. This has been a lot of fun and a challenge. Usually I design a program based on 4 to 6 week progression and I meet with the client and we progress from their. This time I have to predict when my client will progress and anticipate that in the program design. So it's challenging but definitely a good skill, because as much as I would love to keep clients over their lifetime, things happen and people can not always commit long term, but you do not want them to loose all of the progress they have made when they leave you.

Belly Dance Show
Performance coming up. Practice, practice, practice for the summer show. Hopefully a solo this year, I am auditioning this week. Got to get back on the abdominal routine and tummy friendly nutrtion.

NFL Yet Center
My group has been working with the NFL YET center Boys and Girls Club of Atlanta to renovate their facility. At the beginning of May we will be presenting our ideas to the director and staff of the facility. It has been a long process. But, we are almost done and if our project is complete and concise they might use our plan to renovate their facility. How amazing would that be!

Anyway, that's what April looks like - see you in MAY!!

100 Push Ups - not even close - totally lost motivation, restarting this weekend.

Health and Happiness

- L -