Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Break up with Paleo

It's not you Paleo, it's me...

So I started to feel the Paleo crash coming last Saturday. But, I thought I would hold out for one more week and get in 3 whole weeks...I made it to the 22nd. A sign that Paleo was too strict for me at this point in my training. You shouldn't be counting down the days on a meal plan when it is the right plan for you and your goals.

My Paleo experiment ended with a yummy burrito bowl from Chipotle with brown rice and I had tummygasms and feelings of elation that do not make sense to most people.

Then I ate a box of Dr. Lucys gluten free cookies, very tasty! But all that sugar was too much for me, Had a 24hr stomach ache.

5 Things I loved about Paleo:
  1. simplicity, think fresh think hearty
  2. variety, I started following different Paleo blogs, twitter, and Instagram accounts, people get really creative it's not just salads and slabs of meat
  3. recipes, learning to cook with coconut flour and think about carbs differently
    4.   fruit, all the fruit I want, and finding fun ways to incorporate fruit into my meals
     5.   result, my goal was not weightloss but I did drop about 3 lbs in the first week and my tummy was as flat as it gets during lean out

5 Things that made me question our relationship
- I love oatmeal and brown rice and I can't have that on Paleo
- I love oatmeal and brown rice and I can't have that on Paleo
- I love oatmeal and brown rice and I can't have that on Paleo
- I love oatmeal and brown rice and I can't have that on Paleo
- I love oatmeal and brown rice and I can't have that on Paleo

My favorite moments with Paleo:
Finally learning to cook quinoa (not stirct paleo)

Post workout fruit salads and coconut water

Meeting my nutrient goals while on Paleo

I will look back fondly on the days we spent together. I don't think I was ready for an exclusive relationship with Paleo, but I'd love to hangout with it occasionally.

Have you had success with Paleo? Do you have a Paleo recipe or blog you'd like to share? Comment below.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013


So my sis and I have decided to go Paleo for the month of March.

Why Paleo for the month of March? Why in honor of the Crossfit Games of course! The open kicks off March 6th, and I am participating. Whoohooo! I figure if I am going to lift like a crossfitter I would try eating like one too ;-) Plus there have been a handful of clients ask me about eating Paleo, so it gives me a chance to do a little hands on research.

What is Paleo?
My interpretation, a return to more natural eating. If you could plant it, hunt it, harvest it, and eat with little to no processing you can eat it on this meal plan.

Robb Wolf , paleo nutrition expert, breaks it down to avoiding: dairy, grains, processed food & sugars, legumes, starches and alcohol and enjoying: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts & seeds, and healthy fats.

Everyday Paleo, lists items to include in your pantry and fridge to support your Paleo eating and she refers to Robb Wolf's info as well.

Sweet Potatoes and Quinoa?
Ummm yeah. This is where the debate heats up ;-) . Sweet poatoes seem to get the okay in moderation. Quinoa makes some lists but not all (seed with the characteristics of a carb).

For me, I am okay with sweet potatoes and quinoa. I am still in my muscle building phase so I need carbs. The fruit and veggies are a good source, but not enough to meet my current needs.

So, for the month of March I am a Paleo Moderate ;-)
It has been about a week and it is not so different from my bodybuilding diet, except that I get sooo much fruit, and oatmeal and brown rice have disappeared.  I am using MyFitnessPal to track my nutrition.  I am hitting all of my building season goals accept Calcium, so I will be supplementing that.

If you're also an athlete you may need to bend the Pale rules too. Here you can find some tips on Paleo for Athletes:

Remember to speak with your doctor before beginning any new nutrition or exercise programming. Not every plan is right for every person.

Have you gone Paleo? What do you think about it? Got any tips or resources for a newbie?

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