Friday, August 2, 2013

Change Is Coming!

Wellness for GaTech students is changing! 

What was once the drown proofing course at GaTech, was most recently known as HPS 1040. HPS 1040 included a fitness assessment or informational fitness course and now students have the option of APPH 1050 with an added physical activity component !

The school of Applied Physiology created the new Science of Physical Activity Course, APPH 1050 to give GaTech students a physical activity option. Students can chose from running, weightlifting, yoga, or fitness 101.

So guess who was asked to help facilitate the Weightlifting class? This girl!

Guess who gladly accepted the opportunity? This girl!

So any GaTech student who chooses to take weightlifting to fulfill there wellness requirement gets to hang out with me Wednesdays next semester!

I am excited to start this new venture! I will miss teaching my Express Fit employees but, I hope they've learned something new during their time with me these past several semesters. I look forward to working with a new group of students and sharing a deeper understanding of fitness and how it can fit into their daily lives. 

August 21st! Change is coming!

Health and Happiness