Thursday, November 24, 2011

Surviving Thanksgiving

What's your game plan?

I weighed in on Sunday, my goal is to be back at that weight by next Thursday.

Last year Thanksgiving was the beginning of the end for me.
I completed a half marathon, yaaay, but then spent Thanksgiving weekend in a house full of food.
After the 1/2 I didn't really do any exercise, I was exhausted, and just did not even try, it was like I thought I had a pass for the whole weekend...and that mentality lasted all the way through the new year, and the result was a gain of about 8 pounds in about 6 weeks! And it took a really long time to get it off...and that is what lead me to Amor Fitness and Nutrition and Bodybuilding, I just was not motivated on my own.

So this year I will do better!  I want to enter the New Year healthy, not trying to get healthy.
Step 1 - I met with my coach last Sunday. 
Why would someone get an assessment the week before Thanksgiving? Accountability, my coach knows where I am at, I know where I am at, and knowing I'll have to be back next week really makes you want to rethink that 3rd piece of pie.
Step 2 - 1 meal feast, not all day or all week.
My tendency is to start feasting on Thanksgiving, and continue the feast throughout the weekend.  Today the goal is to eat a light breakfast and lunch, try not to snack all day, and enjoy dinner.  Then through the weekend steer myself towards the protein and veggie leftovers in moderation for lunch and eat healthy the rest of the weekend.
Step 3 - Make it a week of workouts, not just 1 day.
All week I set my cardio and strength goals.  Lots of cardio.
I have 3 cardio workouts for today - to try and equal the time of a 1/2 marathon since I am not doing it this year.  I have workouts scheduled for Friday, Sat, and Sun.

Just completed 70 minutes of FlirtyGirl Fitness, 7:15 - 8:25 AM
now its time for a walk...

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