Friday, September 23, 2011

Marathon Training: Week 24

It is hard to believe we have been training for the past 23 weeks! We are almost there!

We have been loosely following Jeff Galloway’s Marathon Training Program. It is a 32 week program, that gradually builds your distance each week and encourages a run/walk pacing system.

I have to admit at the start of the program I was determined to run this entire race. But I think it was about week 17 when we attempted our 1st 17 mile run that me and my running partners realized, we just want to finish this thing in one piece, that I finally gave in to Mr. Galloway’s way of thinking. My husband nearly passed out from exhaustion and my whole body ached for days.

We have finally found a pace that seems to work for us. At a 2:1 run walk we can average about an 11 minute mile. The 1st 10 miles at this stop and go pace are extremely challenging, but when we hit our turn around point at about mile 12 or so, that is when we can truly appreciate.

Nancy Clark's Food Guide For Marathoners is a great resource for tips on pre-run fueling, race day meal testing, recovery meals, and pretty much anything you want to know about food and exercise.  She also has a delicious sport drink recipe, I like the idea of making my own sports drink, especially since gatorade pretty much started as a salt, sugar, water recovery  beverage.  It really allows you to get creative, and tailor fit a concentration that works best for you.

I have also found that if I start carb-loading the Thursday before my long runs that I have a lot more energy, before, during, and after the run.  For my pre-race snack I have always liked half a bagel with PB and strawberry jam or honey, or crackers if I am nervous.  My run snacks include PB pretzels and my sport drink mix.  I learned trying to eat a protein bar while running does not work for me, but post race it is awesome.  And I learned I prefer skittles to sports beans during a run. Post race I prefer a High Carb Protein Bar, a good mix of Carb and Protein, and they taste amaaaaazing after a run.  It is always fun trying different food combos to figure out what your stomach can tolerate and what taste the best.

This week is just 7 miles, I’ll probably crank it out on the treadmill at our gym. I definitely prefer outdoor running, but that is not super safe early morning, Safety 1st!

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