Monday, February 1, 2010

Biggest Loser on Campus - Kick Off

BL Week 1

So it has finally happened.
I have my "Biggest Loser" Team!!! Yay!!!

Last week was kick-off week. I got to meet my team of 6.
I have a really great group speaking with them I see they all have several things in common:
- All know the benefit that weightloss can have on there over all health
- All are looking for someone to motivate them and guide them
- All are extremely motivated and excited to start this journey!

That last one is what is really great for me.
They are all here because they want to be!

So my strategy:
- figure out what level everyone is currently at
- determine just how hard I can safely push each of them physically
- pre set a 12 week progressive program so they don't get bored, hurt, or hit a plateau
- modify the program as I get feedback

The biggest challenge I can see is trying to learn, motivate, and physically push each individual to their full potential while they are in a group.

The biggest strength I think I and my group have are the fact that I have experience teaching small group exercise classes. I can hopefully modify some of my group programs to fit my new clients.

I am really looking forward to this week to see how much weight they managed to loose this week, virtually on their own. They only do 2 workouts a week with me and they have not recieved a whole lot of nutrition information yet. So any thing they loose this week is all about them and the effort they put in on their own.

Team Weight Loss:

Insanity - 4 weeks

Week 5: Recovery Week

These past 4 weeks have been brutal.
Sweat dripping all over the place. Pain in all my muscles.
The exercises I love to hate: push up jacks, walking push ups, and level 2 drills(also push up oriented). But...definately feeling so much stronger and powerful. Hips, quads, and glutes are looking toned. Waist line looking smaller and abs getting flatter.

The hardest part has been the meal plan.
Not because the meals were super complicated, but it does take a little planning

This week I am doing the recovery week workouts with 1200 calorie meal plan.

Next week, I jump into a whole other level.

Loss: 7lbs, 2.2% Bodyfat, __ inches