Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Festival Foot Steps: Food Truck Tuesday in Smyrna

I enjoyed a nice evening out in Smyrna for the Taylor Brawner Park, Food Truck Tuesday. I didn't even get to enjoy the Food Trucks, but I did get in plenty of steps. 

Lesson learned. Arrive to the park early. I parked nearly a mile away. Between the walk to the park, wandering around, and walking back I logged over 11K steps! A long walk is not always a bad thing.

My client invited me out. She was performing with her band, Thunder Gypsy, and some of her students. She killed it! It was great seeing her rock out in her own element.

I didn't seek out food til near the end of the night, The lines were too long for me by then.

I look forward to sampling some of the yummy food truck goodness the next time I come out.

Did you come out to Food Truck Tuesday? Name your favorite food truck?

Food Truck Tuesday every Tuesday Night during the summer. Check out City of Smyrna Facebook page for food truck updates! Grab a snack, enjoy some music, and get your steps in walking the trail around the park.

Health and Happiness,

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