Friday, June 19, 2015

#PowerWomenSweat Networking and a Workout, The Perfect Combo

Real world networking is usually a struggle for me. So I started only attending events that included a topic or activity I was interested in, other than just offering alcohol and food. Combining a workout and networking was the perfect combo for me!

Our host Amber did a great job kicking things off with an icebreaker. She challenged us to each meet and introduce ourselves to 3 new people using the prompts she gave us. Breaking the ice can be hard if you're out of your element. Here are 3 of her tips:

  • Pay a Compliment, who doesn't like a lil flattery. Plus I usually spend a lil extra time getting cute for a networking event, I'd appreciate the recognition. 
  • Do I Know You from .... , we're all so digitally connected, odds are you do know someone from social media, especially in the fitness industry. Quick sidebar, met with a fellow trainer in person at a conference we went to connect online and realized we were already following each other.
  • Introduce yourself, it's an oldie but a goodie. You're at a networking event, the expectation is you're going to meet strangers. 
I'm not great at small talk but being at a fitness event put me more at ease. The icebreakers really helped. The hash tag #powerwomensweat made it easy for me to connect with people after the event.

After the icebreakers we were introduced to our co-host for the evening. Lexi, @lexiwiththecurls , Lexi blogs about natural hair, beauty, celebrity hair, fashion, and events and Tahira of @thecutlife , a beauty and lifestlye brand for all the short hair ladies.

Then we prepared to ride!

Coach Tuesday lead a high intensity, high energy rhythm ride for a packed class of entrepreneurial women. I am still modifying most of my cardio, but I was still able to lose myself in the rhythm of the music and get in an intense 1 hour of cycling. These power women did sweat! We sweat hard!

At the end of the event host Amber gave out some great Reebok swag. 2 participants even won shoes!

Have you been to a @powerwomensweat event ? 

I look forward to making it out to one of their other networking events.

Health and Happiness,

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