Friday, June 5, 2015

Today Was a Foodie Kind of Friday

This Friday was all about yummy food.

How did you start your day? I went down to the city in hopes of snagging discount tickets for Taste of Atlanta.

I was 9th in line for passes at Diner at Atlantic Station

Look Diner even provided coffe for us early risers

Free Coffee and the coveted 2 for $20 pass!
Task complete! I got my passes for me and the fam. I was also able to swing by a second location and pick up a pass for a friend. Happy to share the awesome when I can.

Today is also National Doughnut Day! Where did you celebrate? I went to my favorite spot, Revolution Doughnuts!

I finally got to experience "the line" at Revolution, it was totally worth it!

It was also their 3rd birthday. Every purchase came with a birthday cake doughnut. A tiny tasty treat.

Look at this cute lil morsel!

I was able to enjoy their new seasonal treat, the peach slider. It was so good. The dough was light with a dusting of sugar. The peach fillinig was fresh and firm with a nice mix of tart and sweet with a bit of sweet cream layered in. Perfection. 
Seasonal Peach Slider from Revolution Doughnuts in Decatur

Did you celebrate national doughnut day?
Where did you celebrate?

I really enjoyed this foodie Friday and I am so excited about Taste of Atlanta 2015! 

Health and Happiness,


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