Monday, June 1, 2015

6 Must Haves for Your Fitness 1st Aid Kit

June is National Safety Month. This month we'll be discussing ways to reduce the risk of fitness related injuries and the basic 1st Aid for those injuries if they happen. Today's topic is your personal 1st Aid Kit.

Common injuries range from cuts and scraps to strains and sprains. With these few items in your kit you'll be prepared for most minor injuries. 
  1. Latex Free Gloves - keeps you free of bodily fluids and latex free guarantees you won't cause a reaction
  2. Nonstick Pads - easier to remove than gauze as injury begins to heal, you'll be glad you invested in these
  3. Latex Free Adhesive Wrap - allows for a more secure hold than a gauze wrap, can also be used for splinting
  4. Antiseptic Wipes - keeps wounds and scrapes clean and free of debris, creates a clean surface to work with
  5. Latex Free Bandages - various sizes for a variety of scrapes and wounds
  6. Scissors - for cutting tape, gauze, and pads for proper size
Nice to have:
Ice Pack - reduces swelling from bruises and scrapes; break and shake ice packs are made for 1 time use after use discard and add more packs to kit; I recommend investing in gel ice packs for home use.

I have had enough fitness related injuries to always keep a kit on hand. You don't need an official kit to get started you could use a small zip bag and stock it full of the basics. Your goal is to keep the injury stable until you can seek further treatment.

What is in your first aid kit?

Check in every Monday this month for more basic 1st Aid for fitness:
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I am an AHA Heartsaver 1st Aid/CPR/AED instructor and I offer training course at Georgia Tech and in the Atlanta Area. If you are looking to get First Aid Certified you can use this link to find a class online or near you.

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