Saturday, June 6, 2015

Vibe Ride Cycle and Circuit Was A Huge Success

Students dripped sweat and sculpted their bodies during today's hybrid workout. Cardio & Kettlebells was a great way to start the weekend! 

This was my 1st hybrid class and I feel like it was a huge success! Tiffany got the class warmed up with about 30 minutes of high energy rhythmic cycling. I love the club like energy and atmosphere of the rhythm classes. You get lost in the music and almost forget how hard you're working. Then you feel the burn in your thighs and the trickle of sweat down your face and you remember, this is a hard workout.

From there the class transitioned upstairs to the VibeBody studio. I split the class into 5 stations and we reviewd each exercise and each station as a group. Here was the break down for today's kettlebell workout:

  1. KB Deadlift
  2. KB Bent Over Row
  3. KB Overhead Press
  4. V-Sit
  5. Planks
The idea was to work the muscle groups that weren't completely fatigued from the cycling class. After a brief overview students started their 3 rounds of Kettlebell circuit. We finished out the day with a 10 minute cool down and stretch. 

I stuck around for a bit to answer student questions and to recap the day with my co-instructor/owner. We felt like the class was a huge success. It was a great way to cross promote service and expose students to a workout they might not have tried otherwise. 

Did you make it out to the class this weekend?

Please share your experience in the comments below.

Health and Happiness,

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