Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tabata Tuesday: Kickboxing Core

Here is a glimpse into a new class I am teaching at Georgia Tech. I have combined my 2 of my favorite fitness formats, kickboxing and HIIT. My class uses HIIT timing, kickboxing skills, and conditioning drills to create a high sweat, high rewards, lunchtime workout.

Here is the core workout from today's class:


  • From standing position, flex at the hips, and walk hands down to the ground
  • Walk hands out to the plank position 
  • Walk hands back to feet in forward flexed position
  • Return to standing position and raise hands above head
  • allow knees to bend naturally as you walk out and in
Down and Up

  • From standing position, flex at the hips, and walk hands down to the ground
  • With hands on ground walk or hop feet back, land in plank position (for an added challenge add a push up here)
  • Walk or hop feet back toward hands
  • Stand or hop to standing position 
Participants completed this mixed interval for 4 minutes: 20 seconds/10 seconds for 8 sets. I think this core portion is the hardest part of the workout. But, the class smiled while they worked so I think they liked it.

Today was a good goal day for me. The kickboxing class helped me to exceed my step goals, I got in my plank, and logged more than 45 minutes cardio. I still coming up short on the water. I managed 62oz today and yesterday, but I think tomorrow will be my success day!

Health and Happiness,

Disclaimer: This workout was offered in a live class under the supervision of a fitness professional. Attempting any exercise on this site is done so at your own risk. Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone. Always consult with a physician before beginning any fitness program or attempting any new exercises. 

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