Thursday, January 1, 2015

Getting My Nutrients in with Nutri Ninja Pro

Through networking at FitBloggin 2014 I was offered a Nutri Ninja Professional for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

My 1st Nutri Ninja experience was during the summer at FitBloggin. They had a huge spread of smoothies for us to sample.

The "lean green ninja" was my favorite. Anthony is not a fan of raw veggies especially kale, and this blend was so good I was sure even he would enjoy it. During their promotion I won some swag and a travel cup.

A few months later I was offered the opportunity to review the Nurti Ninja Pro.

The Product

The Pro package includes a pulse action Ninja, 2 blender cups with lids (18 oz single serve or you could share with the 24 oz) , and a recipe booklet.

How I Used It
It makes silky smooth smoothies and refreshing juice blends. I used the recipe book as a guide to figure out measurements but then I just went with what ever was in the cabinet. Kale is pretty much a staple in our house so the majority of my blends were green smoothies and juices.

I also used it to make my own cranberry juice: 1/2 c home made cranberry compote, honey to taste, 16 oz water, and ice cubes to the max fill line. 


It was tart but refreshing.

The  18oz  and 24 oz blend cups are perfect for breakfast blends and quick snacks.

I primarily used it for a morning nutrient boost after teaching my 6AM class and before my 8:30AM client. I really loved how easy it was to just blend and go in the mornings. If the hubs was up I would use the 24 oz cup and share my creation.

Blend and Go
The whole unit is small enough to store at your desk or office kitchen. It barley takes up any room on the counter top and is easy to store if you need to free up counter space. It would be great to use for nutrition demos with clients to offer them some simple solutions for adding more fruits and veggies to their meals.

The pro is great for single serve or a sharing size of juices and smoothies on the go. If you are looking for a larger batch option check out some of their other Nutrikitchen Products. I made my blend and didn't have to worry about finding a large enough container to carry it. The Nutri Ninja made adding more fruits and veggies to my day easier.

I want to try some new blends in the New Year. What is your favorite juice or smoothie recipe? Share in the comment section below.

Health and Happiness,

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