Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Morning Ride with Vibe Ride

I started my morning with a 55 minute ride with The Vibe Ride team.  A great way to start the day!

It has been a while since I have made time to take a cycling class. So when I was at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and saw the sign for a FREE ride I signed up, and signed up my sister too. 

Every bike had a rider and a few riders on standby. The instructors helped me get set up on my bike and after a quick warm up our ride began. It was my first time using a bike with a built in feedback system, it was great to be able to see my RPM, Watts, and resistance level. Our instructor Maurice was awesome. He had great energy and did a great job encouraging us to find the cadence and push through the sprints.  

The music was a mix of my favorite club hits and when the workout got hard I could lose myself in the music. High intensity and low impact a great crosstraining option for me to keep my knees and ankles healthy while meeting my cardio recommendations. By the end of the workout I was dripping sweat but it felt great to be done with my cardio for the day.

VibeRide is a brand new fitness experience opening in Midtown in March. They will be offering cycling and fitness classes. If you're looking to work with a boutique cycling studio in Atlanta reach out to their team I believe they're still auditioning instructors. I like cycling but I definitely push myself harder in a group cycling class. If all of there classes are as good as this one I will definitely take more classes with them.

Health and Happiness,

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