Monday, December 29, 2014

Saying Good-Bye to Amor Fitness & Nutrition

This week Amor Fitness & Nutrition has officially closed its doors. I have so many fond memories working with Adele and the entire Team Amor Family.

I began my journey with Adele about 4 years ago. I finally took the leap to compete in my 1st bodybuilding competition and Adele was taking the leap to competition prep coach. She was the 1st female bodybuilder I had met and she helped guide my nutrition and posing for my 1st competition. I placed 1st in my class and won best poser in my 1st show. It was so much fun and I totally had the competition bug! She helped me prep for my next 2 shows where I placed 2nd.

Through being part of Team Amor I met so many amazing people! I found a family among bikini, figure, physique, and bodybuilders.

I took a break from the stage and started training at the Garage. This gave me a chance to get to know all the members of our growing team and to work one-on-one with my fellow competitors. I had the opportunity to help our competitors and our clients meet their fitness goals. It was pretty amazing to be part of the process and watch these women and men meet their goals.

I loved working with a local small business. When you work at a local gym it is more like being part of a family than just an employee with an employer.

The business may have closed, but I take with me years of memories, great friendships, and great resources. I know the whole Amor Fitness Family will go on to do great things. I look forward to seeing what the New Year brings for all of us.

Health and Happiness,


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