Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap and #NoExcuses Challenge

I had a great time hanging out with family and friends this weekend.

On Friday Anthony and I had a free dinner with The Fundamental Kitchen(TFK). TFK sells high end cookware and in an attempt to show you the value of their cookware they serve you a 3 course meal. A 3 course meal with champagne and wine. The meal itself was very carb heavy, I would have preferred an additional green vegetable instead of all the starch. I didn't know what we would be eating so I ate low carb most of the day so it balanced out.The most impressive part of the demo was their stove top pineapple cake. It was so tasty I forgot to get a photo. We also walked away with a free bottle of wine. Not bad for a free demo!

Then on Saturday my Dad took Alicia and I out to Bikram Yoga Decatur for 90 minutes of Hot Yoga! It has been years since I took a hot yoga class and this was Alicia's 1st time. I was pouring sweat just working through the prana breathing exercises during our warm up. The heat felt amazing and really helped me stretch deeper into each position. Our instructor was great. The class was packed but he called us by name, gave thorough instruction, and gave us a variety of options for each position. He truly taught to all levels and made us feel comfortable working at whichever level we chose. I would definitely come back again.

Sunday we received our 1st week of prompts for the #NoExcuses movement with Fitapproach. I am excited to kickoff the New Year with a new Sweat Pink Challenge! 

You can join me by registering for the #noexcuses movement. Then you'll be eligible to win cool prizes each week. Some of our sponsors are @AugustaActive @ShowerPill @ActivMotionBar 
@FlipBelt @BeamingwHealth. If you're interested in participating and being eligible for prizes use the following link to join me #noexcuses movement 

Below is this weeks schedule of events:

I hope you'll join me, my fellow SPAs, and the sweatpink family for our 1st fitness challenge of the year.

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Have a great week!

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